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Brendan DavisMarch 31st, 2015BlogComments Off on Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/30/15)

Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/30/15)



Quick Results:

Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) & The Lucha Dragons def. Cesaro & Kidd & The Ascension

Damien Mizdow def. Stardust

Adrian Neville def. Curtis Axel

John Cena def. Dean Ambrose (United States Title Match)

AJ Lee, Paige, Naomi def. The Bellas & Natalya

Rusev def. Goldust

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, & Ryback def. Seth Rollins, Kane, & Big Show

Notable Segments:

The night starts with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring, obviously furious about Rollins winning the belt. Paul says his client would like to invoke his rematch clause tonight. Stephanie McMahon then interrupts and says Rollins is not yet back from his appearance on Good Morning America from earlier in the day, but says Brock will get his rematch when Seth arrives to the arena.

After Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett comes down and starts assaulting the two competitors. As he winds up his signature Bull Hammer, Sheamus’s music hits and the Celtic Warrior (sporting a….just an awful Mohawk hairstyle , but a cool looking beard) chases him out of the ring. Sheamus then checks on Bryan and Ziggler but then Brogue Kicks  Bryan before turning his attention to Ziggler. Dolph begins to put up a fight be then is hit with White Noise Afterwards, he grabs a microphone declaring he’s back.

Seth Rollins comes down ready form his match with Brock Lesnar, but doesn’t get into the ring and states he has jetlag and his foot is sore from Curb Stomping both Lesnar and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and says he’ll give him his rematch…..just not tonight. Lesnar, being well, Brock fucking Lesnar, doesn’t take that news well an proceds to attack Rollins with J&J Security trying their hardest to protect him but only to get double clotheslined leaving Rollins to escape. Brock realizes this and enraged flips the announce table on top of JBL & Booker T. Lesnar then gets Michael Cole in the ring and F5’s him (YAYYYYY!). Brock’s not done there, as he then attacks a camera man and prepares to F5 him as well. Stephanie McMahon then rushes out and begs Lesnar  to put him down. In a way, he DOES in fact, put him down……..with an F5 (are you even slightly surprised??). Stephanie suspends Brock indefinitely.

(To be honest, this is all I saw on Raw before I went back to playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It wasn’t a bad show for the segments I saw so I’ll leave it at that.)


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