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Liam DunneMay 20th, 2015BlogComments Off on FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

It’s July 2002. The Invasion Angle had only wrapped up around 8 months before hand, but WWE was fanning the areas down hard after the stench of the storyline. They had either unified or deactivated all of ECW and WCW’s title belts, and kick started the “Brand Extension”.

Now a days, the brand extension is a thing of the past, but when it started the lines of loyalty had been drawn. You were either RAW or SmackDown!. All except, for the WWE Undisputed Champion, who had the rare ability to compete on both shows, and have contenders attacking from all sides.

I was only 12 years old, and had discovered the joys of pro wrestling only 3 short months prior. I saw the tail end of the build going into WrestleMania 18, and the rise of Brock Lesnar. It was enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but the closest to a match stipulation I got was a lumberjack match, which is fairly lackluster to be honest. (Yes there was a Hell In A Cell match at Judgement Day, but I was 12 and couldn’t stay up till 1 am when there was school the next day).

So when I witnessed a ladder match between Undertaker and Jeff Hardy on RAW for the WWE Undisputed Title, my mind was blown. Maybe it’s not the best ladder match in the history of ladder matches, but it was my first experience of the match type, and for me, it was adrenaline filled and fast paced. Maybe the title is incorrect, as many people remember this match, but it’s one I want to highlight:

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