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Liam DunneJune 17th, 2015BlogComments Off on FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Triple H vs. Maven


By reading this article, I’m sure that the few of you who didn’t double take the title thinking “seriously? Maven? What?”, are probably assuming that this will highlight the match between Triple H and Maven from November 2004. After team Orton defeated team Triple H at Survivor Series, the winning team (including Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit) would each be given the chance to be the GM of RAW for the next four weeks. Maven was up first and faced off against Triple H in the main event with every individual involved in the Survivor Series match being present at ring side and the young star with his on-point eyebrows almost looking like he may gain a huge upset victory against The Game.

But this is not the match I’m talking about. The encounter I’m talking about happened over a year prior.

Some of you may recall the show “WWE Sunday Night Heat”, it was similar to what WWE Superstars or WWE Main Event is at the moment. A show that featured occasional matches, a lot with local jobber talent (aka indie stars who are in the area) and a butt ton of highlight videos explaining what happened 6 days ago on RAW. It wasn’t often any major stars appeared, and for a long time I would always dismiss Heat as being a filler show that WWE were contractually obliged to make. Andy would point out the “Half Time Heat” show which featured Rock vs. Mankind in an empty arena match where the WWE title actually changed hands, but I still would retort saying that wasn’t a true episode of Heat. It was just a crappy little show that was used to fill an hour on a graveyard slot for the channel.

What I didn’t realise was that Triple H, a character who was deep in his “reign of terror”, and the current World Heavyweight Champion, did show up on one episode in July of 2003.

Classic? Maybe not, but without a doubt worth a study!

What did you think of the match? What matches would you say are “Forgotten Classics”?

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