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Liam DunneJune 4th, 2015BlogComments Off on FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: TLC 4


In our second installment of Forgotten Classics, we return to the year of 2002. However this time we head to late fall/early winter. October to be exact. RAW was hosting the first ever edition of “RAW Roulette” from Las Vegas, The Undisputed Championship was no more and, instead, we had two world champions representing the two brands that WWE had. Triple H’s “reign of terror” was just starting out, but on this night, it was all about the Tag Team Championships…

This was the fourth TLC match WWE had ever held (hence the name), the second ever one to be shown on free television and the first one ever to be held on RAW.

Kane is the top baby face on the RAW brand at this moment. He was poised to face Triple H in a few weeks time, at the No Mercy event, for a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion, whilst also currently holding the Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championship with none other than The Hurricane. Together they adorably named the team “Hurri-Kane”

Once the match was set by the Roulette wheel however, it seemed that Kane’s impressive run was at risk. Not only was it 3 other teams going for the belt, NOT ONLY was it a TLC match, but to make matters worse, The Hurricane was taken out backstage before the match even began, making Kane defend the belts all by his lonesome.

Can Kane over come the odds and defeat the teams of Christian and Chris Jericho, Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley, and Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy?

Find out…

What did you think to this match? Let us know in the comments below!

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