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Liam DunneOctober 18th, 2015BlogComments Off on FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Title For Mask


Hello again, dear Nostalgia Fueled Fans.

We last left off on Forgotten Classics discussing Title for Title matches. Both the European title and Hardcore title got unified with the Intercontinental Title In July and August, respectively.

Now we move forward to October 2002. Kane has won the Intercontinental Title, and is being pushed to the moon (please see an old Forgotten Classics article about the TLC match on RAW that was set during this time). Kane eventually became number 1 contender for Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship. RAW’s General Manager at the time, the infamous Eric Bischoff, decided to make their match at No Mercy a unification match between Kane and H’s championship belts.

Although Kane put on an impressive performance on that night, he came up short. This was where Stone Cold Steve Austin stepped in. Austin has recently returned to the WWE after retiring a few months back thanks to a health scare the night before WrestleMania 19, but this time as a co-general manager of RAW along side Bischoff. Austin said he was disappointed in Kane, and that he had lost the fire he once used to beat Austin for the WWF title 3 years before (lets ignore the fact it was a First Blood match because Kane had a mask on and pretty much deemed him impossible to lose). So Austin gave him the chance for another shot the World title, but in return Kane must put his Mask on the line… cause that makes sense right?

So what did you think to this match? Leave your comments below!

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