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Complete Primer for WWE No Mercy (2016)

This Sunday, AJ Styles faces off in a triple-threat match against John Cena and Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler puts his career on the line at WWE No Mercy… but why is No Suplah happening? Surely you’d think there’d be a show for a PPV of this magnitude… okay, you get the idea.

Join us as we run down the card for No Mercy, give our predictions, and talk with the fans about their thoughts… meanwhile, if you’re feeling a bit lost before the event happens, then fear not! We’ve got you covered with this complete primer for WWE No Mercy…


Baron Corbin vs Jack Swagger – Singles Match (Kickoff Show Match)

Everyone’s favourite former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger jumped from Raw to SmackDown (for no real reason, best to make up something in your head and run with that instead…) and confronted fellow large man Baron Corbin. The following week, Swagger defeated Corbin in a confusing manner; the dummy dressed as a referee called for the submission, thinking that Corbin had tapped out when he was going for a rope-break, whilst locked in an Ankle Lock. And now we get the thrilling conclusion to this epic saga, on the Pre-Show. Calm down.

Curt Hawkins Makes His Debut… Again – Singles Match

Fact; Curt Hawkins is a super important person that everybody is waiting to see return to SmackDown. Fact; Curt Hawkins is going to compete in a match against somebody clearly not as important as he is. Fact; Curt Hawkins is still somehow better than Zack Ryder, even after all these years.

Nikki Bella vs Carmella – Singles Match

What do you get when you take a likeable women’s wrestler, and turn her heel without fully explaining why? You get this match. Nikki Bella made her return at SummerSlam, and has slowly won the appreciation of the fans. Carmella, on the other hand, has had little in the way of praise compared to her contemporaries; using my aforementioned strategy of making up the backstory in my head, this would explain why Carmella has started attacking the star of Total Bellas whenever she gets the opportunity. One good thing about this feud is that it gives Carmella some much-needed character development… just add in some promos to explain why and we’re golden.

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton – Singles Match

I feel like we’ve been here before… oh wait, we were here last time. After Brock Lesnar caved in Randy Orton’s head with a series of elbows at SummerSlam, giving the latter a concussion in the process, Orton has crossed paths with Bray Wyatt. Pretending that Orton doesn’t have a concussion, Bray Wyatt was shown taking out Orton backstage before their scheduled fight at Backlash, causing Wyatt to win their match by forfeit. Ignoring the fact that Orton came out to RKO Bray Wyatt and cause him to lose to Kane in an impromptu match-up, the showdown between the Viper and the Eater of Worlds was rescheduled to take place at No Mercy. Apt, considering that Bray Wyatt has been shown “no mercy” with his booking in recent years.


The Miz (w/ Maryse) (c) vs Dolph Ziggler – Title vs Career Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

After Ziggler lost his chance at the WWE World Championship at SummerSlam, and then failing to get a second chance afterwards, Ziggler has finally come to terms with his position in the WWE… by chasing after the Intercontinental Championship. After losing to the world famous Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, at Backlash (with thanks to Maryse spraying him with an undefined substance), Ziggler’s fire was further diminished. Miz would further utilise this technique in a rematch on SmackDown, leading Ziggler to challenge Miz to one “final” battle in their 50-chapters long saga. Should Ziggler lose this time, he will retire from the WWE completely.

Miz would rub salt into the wounded Ziggler by bringing back half of the Spirit Squad (in a booking idea potentially stolen from Reddit) to attack him on SmackDown. Ziggler would outsmart Kenny and Mitch, however, feeding them delicious superkicks before Miz would flee in fear. Could this be Ziggler’s last hurrah in the WWE, or will the greatest Intercontinental Championship reign of the year end prematurely?

Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs The Usos – Tag Team Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

After becoming the inaugural WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions at Backlash by defeating the Usos, Heath Slater and Rhyno have added their names to the list of “successful odd-couple tag teams”. Upgrading his trailer-park home in the process, things were looking up for once in Slater’s career… and Rhyno was there too. But ever since the Usos turned into a villainous duo, their in-ring viciousness has earned themselves a rematch against Slayno, by defeating American Alpha on SmackDown in a number one contender’s match. The edgelord Usos might have the upper hand on the new best friends, but maybe Slater’s new overground pool could provide enough motivation for the champions to succeed.

Becky Lynch (c) vs Alexa Bliss – Singles Match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championsip

… might not be happening after all. Alexa Bliss became the new number one contender after defeating four other women in a Fatal-Five Way, bringing the heat to the newly crowned champion Becky Lynch. After attacking Lynch at their contract signing, people could be seeing Bliss become the second SmackDown Women’s Champion… but then Becky Lynch suffered an undisclosed injury, putting this match on hold for the time being. An outcome could be reached on the PPV itself, or we could wait for the SmackDown following. Either way, there’s a chance we could see something happen here. You might wanna hold a moment of silence for Becky Lynch, all the same.

AJ Styles (c) vs John Cena vs Dean Ambrose – Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Championship

AJ Styles defeated John Cena at SummerSlam, and then defeated Dean Ambrose at Backlash to claim his first WWE World Championship, and then defeated both of them again on separate SmackDown episodes.. but forget about that, because they already had this match booked before he did that. John Cena made his intentions to become a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion clear, and former champion Dean Ambrose invoked his rematch clause for Backlash.

Because John Cena is John Cena, and he can do whatever he wants, he was inserted into the rematch, leaving Styles and most of the audience dumbfounded. If you’re confused as to why this match is still happening, don’t worry; it’ll still be a good match regardless of its legitimacy. We can only hope that Jon Stewart makes a surprise return to the WWE to prevent Cena from tying Flair’s record, and that Dean Ambrose decides to pick up a TV during the match.


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