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Sam BrooksFebruary 8th, 2016Blog, NewsComments Off on BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement

BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement

WWE Star Officially Announces Retirement

So, it’s official; former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has retired. The four-time world champion announced the end to his in-ring activities earlier today on Twitter, to a big reaction from the fans, and fellow wrestlers, alike.

The leader of the Yes movement last competed in a WWE ring on the April 16th edition of SmackDown, teaming with John Cena to take on Cesaro and Tyson Kidd – a match that was disrupted by fans beforehand, who were quickly dealt with by security. Cena and Bryan came out on top, defeating the, at the time, WWE Tag Team Champions. The cause of Bryan’s retirement has been attributed to a long history of concussion-oriented issues, culminating in the Summer of 2015, when he was removed from the WWE European Tour.

Now considered a legend in the sport, Bryan got his start in 1999, training at the Shawn Michaels’ run Texas Wrestling Association (TWA). From then on, Bryan was first introduced to the WWE via their developmental league, Memphis Championship Wrestling. Working as an enhancement talent on Velocity and Heat in 2001, Bryan would then leave the WWE after 18 months to compete in Japan, until competing in Ring of Honor in 2004. Bryan is considered a “founding father” of the company, and built the foundations for a legendary career in the company.

Bryan would then make his return to the WWE in 2009, appearing on the inaugural season of WWE’s NXT, back when the format involved rookies undergoing training from WWE “pros”, such as R-Truth, Matt Hardy, and The Miz. After his initial elimination, and dodging the Nexus bullet, Bryan would make his official start in the company at SummerSlam, beginning the career that has captivated many.

From the Miracle on Bourbon Street, to Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, the innumerable high quality moments Daniel Bryan has left on the WWE will be a fond memory that many will share for the years to come. Bryan’s future involvement in the company remains to be seen, potentially to be explored upon in his address at Monday Night Raw tonight.

An eruption of support and praise for Bryan has unfolded on Twitter, with stars from various promotions acknowledging the announcement, including Bullet Club, Matt Jackson, Jimmy Jacobs, and Johnathan Coachman.

Editor’s Note: I saw this coming a mile away last year, when Bryan was pulled from the European Tour, due to his concussion issues. Whilst many fans are quick to call this a work and a swerve, I truly believe that Daniel Bryan is better off away from the ring.

He had his moment at WrestleMania, won every possible title in the WWE, and helped pave the way for a majority of the talents in the company today that, potentially, could either be in TNA or Japan right now. Were it not for Bryan’s breakout to the top, we wouldn’t have half of the stars we have in the WWE today.

For that, I thank Daniel Bryan. Here’s to him.

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