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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #33

In which Liam and Andy try to get their shit together, and Keelan instills the fear of a thousand suns within them both.


Why The Miz Beat Dolph Ziggler This Week

Did you watch RAW this past week? If you did, you may have noticed that The Miz beat Dolph Ziggler in less than 2 minutes. This seemed rather shocking, The…


WhatCulture’s “McMahon’s Overreactions”

How did The Suplah have a hand in WhatCulture’s newest Vince McMahon video?


Shane McMahon Returns (And Why We’re Excited)

This past Raw, Shane McMahon made his surprise return to WWE – what does this mean for the future? Find out on the latest edition of The Suplah!


House Shows Or TV Shows; Which Is Better?

Two very different types of shows produced by wrestling companies worldwide. But which is better?

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BroCast #57: A Perfect 5 Out Of 7

After an extended hiatus, Carmine, Sam, Liam, Keelan, and Andy are proud to present the long-awaited return of our weekly display of nonsense!


Wade Barrett Quits WWE (And Why We’re Not Surprised)

Liam, Sam and Carmine take a look at Wade Barrett’s potential departure from WWE in the summer; was he a wasted talent? Find out on The Suplah.


RUMOUR – Sheamus Was In “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”?

Was the former WWE Champion, secretly, a major character in the movie? Prepare to hum the Imperial March theme…


King Barrett Leaving Update, Axl Rotten’s Death, Mark Henry’s Injury

Barrett is unhappy with his position in the company, Axl Rotten’s death investigated, plus an update on Mark Henry’s injury


Mark Henry Injured

Is the former World Heavyweight Champion out of action?


Brie Bella Leaving WWE Soon

Twin Magic maybe going solo!


RAW Hasn’t Had A Sell Out Show Yet

Surprisingly, WWE’s flagship show is struggling to get legitimate sell outs.


Daniel Bryan Retires! (And What This Means)

Liam, Andy and Sam take a look back at the career of Daniel Bryan, and what the future holds for WWE in the wake of his retirement.


BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement

Daniel Bryan has officially announced his retirement from in-ring competition on Twitter; what does this mean for the company going forward?


Tanner: “The Truth Behind Tough Enough”

Former “Tough Enough” competitor Tanner reveals all about the show’s dirty little secrets…


Rumored Plans for WrestleMania 32 (And Why They Suck)

Liam and Andy run down the plans for WrestleMania 32, including Undertaker vs Braun Strowman & Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt; but why do these plans already suck?

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AJ Styles’ TNA Theme: Reviewed

Liam and Andy listen back to AJ Style’s most famous TNA theme, and give their thoughts on it a few years later…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #32

The return of the show we all didn’t know existed for the longest time… it’s Off the Air


The Suplah Main-Evented RAW! (1/26/16)

Yep, we got a higher spot than The Rock… never thought we’d say that.


LIVE AT NXT (December 14th 2015, Nottingham UK)

On December 14th 2015, Liam, Andy and Keelan met up in Nottingham for a night of NXT action, including bad trips down memory lane, chicken wings and sore throats…


Royal Rumble Predictions! (And Will AJ Styles Debut?)

The Royal Rumble is here! Who’s most likely to win? Will the Phenomenal One make his debut? All this, and more, on the latest edition of The Suplah.

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The Suplah END OF YEAR AWARDS 2015

It’s time to give out the yearly awards! Best Wrestler, Worst Diva, Botch of the Year, and the Co-Host of the Year Award! Find out who won here…


Roman Reigns wins WWE Title (And Our Reactions)

Roman Reigns shocked the world by capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Raw this week; see what the Suplah thinks about this Crimmus season “upset”.


Should We Chant “Boring” During Matches?

Liam Dunne would like to sit down with each wrestling fan out there, and have a short chat about why they are being dicks…


WWE TLC Predictions (And Why We’re Apathetic)

Sam and Andy couldn’t care less about the TLC card; hear their thoughts and complaints on the latest edition of The Suplah.

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