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Should We Chant “Boring” During Matches?

Liam Dunne would like to sit down with each wrestling fan out there, and have a short chat about why they are being dicks…


WWE TLC Predictions (And Why We’re Apathetic)

Sam and Andy couldn’t care less about the TLC card; hear their thoughts and complaints on the latest edition of The Suplah.

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BroCast #56: Why Do You Hate Ham-Cheese?

Between the recording and editing of this episode, Carmine almost died of laughter. If that’s not a great sign towards what he, Sam, and Andy talked about this week, We don’t know what is.


Mick Foley’s WWE Rants (And Why He’s Right)

Mick Foley’s not happy with WWE creative; Steve Austin can’t help but agree – Sam and Carmine discuss why Foley may be onto something here.


WCW’s Best Factions (And Why They Did it Right)

Glen Fielding takes a look at the famous WCW factions, and why they’re worth remembering over the classic nWo groups.

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BroCast #55: Schwarzenae-nae

Sam trash talks Carmine as the host of this week’s show, joined by Andy and Brendan; a fight over a cookie breaks out, and wrestling is torn to shreds.


Sheamus Wins World Title (And Why That’s Good)

Survivor Series has come and gone, and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Sheamus; join Sam and Andy as they discuss the fallout.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #31

Andy got drunk. Sam got on Skype. What are Andy’s big ideas and philosophies on the world, wrestling companies, and Sheamus? Find out here!


BREAKING NEWS: Solomon Crowe Released from WWE

In a bit of sad news, NXT Superstar Solomon Crowe (Sam Johnston, fka Sami Callihan) has been granted his release from WWE. The now-former NXT star requested his release yesterday, and was granted it.

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BroCast #54: You Say Hurtful Things

Carmine is dragged to a pub by Sam, and Andy comes along; Andy tells his concussion stories, Sam has all the questions, and Carmine dies at the end.

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BroCast #53: Funny Is All I Have

If that’s all they have, then we should all feel sorry for them. Join Sam and Carmine as they prove once again that it’s not about the number of hosts, it’s about how stupid they’re willing to be.


BREAKING NEWS: Billy Gunn Fired from WWE

The former WWE star and trainer has been released from his contract, after testing positive for drugs. Find out the details here.

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WWE Breaking Ground Review (And Why Kayfabe is Dead)

Breaking Ground focuses on the WWE trainees experiences at the Performance Center; Sam and Andy discuss why it’s so good, and why it kills kayfabe dead.

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BroCast #52: We’re On Stitcher

After 2 months, The Director has made his way back to the BroCast. How many times will he interrupt someone? How many inappropriate jokes will he make? The answer to both: more than you guessed.


Seth Rollins Out 6-9 Months (And What To Do Next)

Seth Rollins sustained a leg injury at a WWE Live Event, sidelining him for 6-9 months, and vacated the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

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BroCast #51: I Can Be a Big Spoon

This week, Sam takes control of the animals known as Andy, Keelan and Brendan. New games are played, no letters are received, and Brocktober ends.

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Alberto Del Rio Returns (And Why We Don’t Care)

Alberto Del Rio made his WWE return at Hell in a Cell, where he won the United States Championship – what’s Del Rio doing back in WWE? Find out here.

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BroCast #50: Stop Saying Scissoring

How the hell did this show last 50 episodes? Well now’s not the time for questioning, now’s the time for CELEBRATION! Join Carmine, Sam, Andy, and Brendan as they put on the most unique episode to date.


Tyler Breeze Debuts (And Why We’re Worried)

NXT’s Tyler Breeze made his debut on SmackDown this week, attacking Dolph Ziggler – will be fare well on the main roster? Sam and Andy discuss.

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BroCast #49: Look What You Made Me Do

What happens when you combine serious discussion with the topic of aliens defecating on walls? You get episode 49 of the BroCast



Liam Dunne returns to The Suplah to look at the day Kane got unmasked.


Why Are Raw Ratings Declining? (Raw is Terrible)

Why are the Raw ratings declining each week? Sam and Andy explore the possibilities; bad booking and terrible storylines…

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BroCast #48: Everything Is Just Noise

If our bad jokes don’t pull you in, our shitty personalities sure will! Welcome to the BroCast!


James Storm Debuts in NXT

Welcome to NXT James Storm..


TNA Bound for Glory 2015 Review (Why it Sucked)

TNA Bound for Glory 2015 has been and gone; why is it sending TNA into a huge nosedive? Find out on the latest edition of The Suplah.

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