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Conor McGregor Retires? (And More TNA News)

Liam and Andy talk more about TNA dying, and the short-lived panic of MMA’s Conor McGregor announcing retirement, on this week’s edition of The Suplah.


Chyna’s Death – Drug Overdose? Triple H Tweets

Could drugs have played a part in Chyna’s passing?


Former WWE Star Chyna Passes Away

Former WWE star and Intercontinental Champion passes away at age 45.

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BroCast #63: Everything Was A Mistake

The title says it all, but here we have an amazing example of human intelligence taking a day off. Join us as Carmine, Brendan, Andy, and a little bit of Liam go on a horrible adventure.


TNA Evicted from Offices! (Will They Finally Die?)

TNA have been evicted from their offices, and moved into their merch warehouse. Liam & Andy’s reactions might not be what you expect…

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Quann’s Corner: Dixie, You Have a Choice!

TNA has been evicted from their office, and their rerun slot on POP TV has been cancelled… but will it finally die after so long? Andy Quann speculates.


Bray Wyatt Injured!

Bray Wyatt suffered a leg injury at a house show in Milan. Looks like Luke Harper won’t be alone on the shelf!


Comics On Comics – Issue #1- Fantastic Four (2005)

Liam, Carmine and Sam kick start a new show here on The Suplah. Join them as they review the 2005 Marvel/Fox comic book movie “Fantastic Four”…


Balls Mahoney Passes Away

Sadly, former WWE star and ECW Original, Balls Mahoney (real name Jonathan Rechner), passed away suddenly in his home yesterday, April 12th 2016. He was 44 years old.


Gallows & Anderson Debut On RAW

Former Bullet Club members, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, debuted on RAW this week. What does this mean for AJ Styles and/or Finn Balor?

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BroCast #62: Wank Feesh

I’ll give you three guesses as to who said this week’s title. Join us on Carmine’s birthday “roast” edition of the BroCast, as he’s joined by Andy, Sam, and sometimes Liam.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #35

This time, it’s Sam that helps Andy in his Eternal Conquest of Tinder. But what pick-up line works wonders this time?


Ricochet On His Way To WWE?

Is one of the biggest Indy stars today jumping to the WWE?


New IWGP Heavyweight Champion Crowned!

A new IWGP Heavyweight Champion has emerged after Invasion Attack… but what’s the full story behind the newest man to cement his legacy?


WrestleMania 32 + Post-Raw Review (Worst ‘Mania Ever?)

WrestleMania 32 has come and gone, but was it one of the worst events of all time? Check out The Suplah’s review of ‘Mania, and the Raw after, here.


When Shit Hits The Fan, Am I Still a Fan?

I’d consider myself a wrestling fan. Kinda…sorta…it’s complicated. I’ve watched some form of wrestling and played the videogames my entire life so, I guess I’m a fan. Why don’t I feel…


Top WWE Star Suspended for 30 Days

WWE announced on Friday, April 1st, 2016 that Shane McMahon has been suspended for 30 days, for his first violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

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3 Major Problems With The WWE Network

Now that I’ve personally spent some time with it, I feel like I have to say my piece.

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BroCast #60: How Much Is A Steam?

Do you want to hear Liam and Andy drive Sam and Carmine insane for 4 hours as they try to talk about video games, racist robots, and new movies? No? Then I am so very sorry.

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A Letter to the WWE: I’m Not Watching WrestleMania 32

“Dear Vince McMahon and WWE, I will not be watching WrestleMania 32, and here’s why. Sincerely, an angry wrestling fan.” – find out what Carmine’s got to say about WWE right here.

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Bobby Roode and Eric Young Quit TNA (And Why We’re Happy)

In a blow to the suffering company, two of their biggest stars make their leave; what do Liam, Andy and Sam have to say about Bobby Roode and Eric Young?

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Quann’s Corner: My Own Promotion (And what’s wrong with Wrestling)

In the first edition of Quann’s Corner, Andy talks us through his grand ideas on how he’d run a wrestling promotion, and what’s wrong with WWE today.

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BroCast #59: The Good Ship Sink

Here ye, Here ye! Sound the horns and buckle up, because Sam, Carmine, and Andy are about to take you on another BroCast adventure!


Top TNA Stars Quit!

And both are former World Champions!


WrestleMania 32 Predictions! (And Why We Don’t Care)

On this edition of The Suplah, Sam and Andy take a look at the updated WrestleMania 32 card, and the bad decisions made this year… but what are they?

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