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Camp WWE – Episode 2 REVIEW

The Rock’s eyebrow gets shaved off! Iit’s up to Ric Flair to help him get his mojo back. John Cena, Nikki Bella and others try to hunt down the culprit.


Adam Rose Arrested for Domestic Violence; The End Has Come

Adam Rose was arrested and charged with Tampering With a Witness and Battery Domestic Violence earlier today: have we seen the end of Adam Rose in the WWE?


The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #36

Liam gets the hiccups before the show starts… if you think that’s bad, just wait and see how he tries to cure them.


BroCast #65: Big Guy Mall Cop

Breakfast, biscuits, Civil War teams. How many subjects can Andy, Carmine, and Sam argue about this week? Let’s find out.

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Quann’s Corner: This Is Not a “New Era” in WWE

From Roman Reigns going over each and every fan favourite, to recreating old finishes, Quann argues that this “New Era” of WWE is non-existent.


Update On Ryback’s Contract Dispute

Ryback walked out on RAW this week, and now we know one of the reasons why


WWE Payback 2016 Review (Was It Better Than WrestleMania?)

The Suplah discuss the fallout of WWE Payback; featuring Super Reigns, Enzo Amore’s injury, and “Stone Cold” Mickey Mouse… wait, what was that last one?

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Camp WWE – Episode 1 REVIEW

Liam and Andy review WWE’s latest Network exclusive “Camp WWE”


Ryback Sent Home After Contract Dispute

Ryback and WWE’s relationship is breaking down, plus, what was meant to happen in the Tag match at Payback…


Chris Jericho Has Left WWE?

Former World Champion, Chris Jericho, hints he’s taking another hiatus from the company.

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The Reason Why Bobby Roode & Eric Young Left TNA

Rumours are circulating around why Bobby Roode and Eric Young left TNA… and it’s exactly what you expect


How To Fix WWE RAW – Keelan’s Call

How would you make WWE RAW less formulaic and more entertaining? Keelan shares some simple ideas that are already at WWE’s disposal.


SPOILER: WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Main Event Revealed?

Caution, all who enter here…


Samoa Joe Wins NXT Championship (Will Finn Be at Payback?)

Liam, Andy and Sam run down the latest breaking news: Samoa Joe’s your new NXT Champion, and more details on Chyna’s passing are revealed.

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BroCast #64: I Hate That This Is Happening

Join us as Sam, Andy, and Carmine talk about rap music, Twitter, and bourbon biscuits on this week’s episode of the BroCast!


More On Chyna’s Death

Friends and Manager speak about the death


Velvet Sky Leaves TNA!

Velvet Sky hands in her notice to TNA. That’s how many that have left?


Conor McGregor Retires? (And More TNA News)

Liam and Andy talk more about TNA dying, and the short-lived panic of MMA’s Conor McGregor announcing retirement, on this week’s edition of The Suplah.


Chyna’s Death – Drug Overdose? Triple H Tweets

Could drugs have played a part in Chyna’s passing?


Former WWE Star Chyna Passes Away

Former WWE star and Intercontinental Champion passes away at age 45.

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BroCast #63: Everything Was A Mistake

The title says it all, but here we have an amazing example of human intelligence taking a day off. Join us as Carmine, Brendan, Andy, and a little bit of Liam go on a horrible adventure.


TNA Evicted from Offices! (Will They Finally Die?)

TNA have been evicted from their offices, and moved into their merch warehouse. Liam & Andy’s reactions might not be what you expect…

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Quann’s Corner: Dixie, You Have a Choice!

TNA has been evicted from their office, and their rerun slot on POP TV has been cancelled… but will it finally die after so long? Andy Quann speculates.


Bray Wyatt Injured!

Bray Wyatt suffered a leg injury at a house show in Milan. Looks like Luke Harper won’t be alone on the shelf!


Comics On Comics – Issue #1- Fantastic Four (2005)

Liam, Carmine and Sam kick start a new show here on The Suplah. Join them as they review the 2005 Marvel/Fox comic book movie “Fantastic Four”…

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