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THE FINAL DELETION: Reaction Compilation (HARDY vs HARDY)

The Suplah sit down to watch the highly-anticipated Final Deletion match, between Matt and Jeff Hardy, from TNA Impact Wrestling.


Comics on Comics – Issue #2: Deadpool (2016)

Liam, Sam and Carmine join together for a second edition of Comics on Comics, as they discuss and review the R-rated surprise hit of the year, Deadpool!


BroCast #70: Everybody Said Goobers

5 hosts in one show is a recipe that begs for at least one of us to have a mental breakdown. Which one of us will it be?


New WWE PPV Events Leaked (And Why They’re Confusing)

Liam & Andy further discuss Roman Reigns’ suspension, Titus O’Neil’s lip-kissing, and the slightly confusing WWE PPV schedule post-Brand Split.

WWE Raw superstar Kurt Angle (1996 Olympic Gold Medalist)

The History Of WWE & Kurt Angle

Whilst WWE and Kurt Angle have ruled out a return for the Olympian, fans are still desperate to see him. What went wrong between the two parties?

Quanns-Corner THUMB copy

Quann’s Corner: Brand Extension (Spilt)

Andy Quann talks about the brand extension that will envelop WWE in July – where would he put various superstars and championships?


WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Review (And Why It Was Boring)

This week on The Suplah, Liam is joined by Sam and Carmine, as they run down the WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV – why was it so boring? Find out here…


Roman Reigns Suspended for 30 Days (Wellness Policy Violation)

Roman Reigns suspended for 30 days due to violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy – more on this story as it develops. See what The Suplah think here.


UPDATE: Jerry Lawler Arrested & Indefinitely Suspended from WWE

Jerry Lawler and fiancee, Lauryn McBride, arrested over domestic dispute and violent attacks; Lawler suspended from WWE indefinitely – more details here…


TNA Close to Dying?! (And Why Slammiversary Almost Didn’t Happen)

TNA’s Slammiversary PPV almost didn’t happen, and their POP TV show was 2 hours late… is this the end of TNA? Sam and Andy discuss on The Suplah.


BroCast #69: Slim Tim Is On His Ass

A wild Ellie appears! Will the show be any more normal as a result? No…probably not.


Money In The Bank Trivia & Facts

Get all clued up before heading into next Sunday’s Money In The Bank show!


BroCast #68: In The End We’re All Ghosts

Andy has finally returned from *insert vacation destination here*! Let’s celebrate by having a 3-hour podcast and talking about dicks and shit.


Updates On Brock Lesnar’s Fight At UFC 200

Liam and Andy discuss the game changing news of Lesnar’s UFC fight and what it means for the business


Camp WWE Review – Ep 5 “A Family McMahon”

Austin terrorises the Camp whilst Mr. McMahon goes to the moon. That’s not a joke, that actually happens.


Goldberg in WWE 2K17! (And More Brand Split Details)

Team Beheh has hijacked The Suplah this week, discussing Goldberg’s surprise appearance in WWE 2K17, more news on the brand split, and Cody Rhodes’ release.


The Reasoning Behind The Brand Split

Recent reports are indicating that the USA Networks executives aren’t happy with the ratings, and pushed for a Brand Split


BroCast #67: I Think I Just Watched Hentai

When two men must entertain the masses by themselves…they talk about hentai? Sure, why not…


BREAKING NEWS: Brand Split Officially Confirmed By WWE!

Remember the brand split? Looks like it’s coming back this July, as the WWE announces SmackDown going live, and the date of the draft…


Extreme Rules 2016 Review (And Why It Was Excellent)

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 has come and gone; why was it such a good event? Liam, Andy and Sam discuss on the latest Suplah.


Camp WWE – Episode 4 REVIEW

Triple H takes Mr. McMahon out on a date to win his approval while Cena and Mark Henry team up to welcome an unexpected addition to camp.


The Evolution of The New Day (The Best Stable in Years?)

Liam, Jainni, Andy and Carmine discuss the history of, potentially, WWE’s best stable, The New Day, on the latest episode of The Suplah.


Camp WWE – Episode 3 REVIEW

Sgt. Slaughter drags campers away for a Survival Weekend while Mr. McMahon’s favorite weekend of the year turns into a nightmare – Camp WWE continues here!


BroCast #66: One Step Closer To That iTunes Cancellation

What horrible things can Sam think to say this week? How badly will Liam crash the show? Will Andy ever stop yelling?


Adam Rose Suspended Indefinitely (Does He Deserve It?)

Adam Rose has been suspended from the WWE indefinitely, due to a charge of domestic violence battery. Does the man deserve this punishment? The Suplah discuss on the latest show.

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