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Quann’s Corner: Is 2016 the Biggest and Craziest Year Since 2001?

2016 is, perhaps, the craziest year in pro-wrestling since 2001. From the dire straits of TNA, to the new inner workings of WWE, things have changed…


Goldberg Destroys Lesnar in Two Minutes… What Happened?

Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar by pinfall in less than two minutes at Survivor Series 2016… what the heck just happened? Sam gives his reactions…


Complete Primer for Survivor Series 2016

Survivor Series 2016 is upon us; what will happen when brands collide? If you missed any of the build, check out the stories here, in the complete primer!


Complete Primer for NXT TakeOver: Toronto

Miss anything in the build-up to NXT TakeOver: Toronto? Worry not; the details are here! Featuring the finals of the Dusty Classic, and Nakamura vs Joe…


Goldberg Injured on Raw? (And Why We’re Annoyed)

Goldberg might have injured himself on Raw, and Joey Styles might have made a bad call. Sam and Andy discuss on the latest edition of The Suplah.


BroCast #73: I Have the Biggest Dongle

Keelan and Brendan make their long-anticipated returns to the BroCast, discussing hospital stories, and why you shouldn’t be scared of children.


TNA Has New Owners (And Why We’re Surprised)

Liam and Andy discuss the disappointing main event of Hell in a Cell, TNA’s new ownership and Billy Corgan’s lawsuit, and the riddles continue…


Complete Primer for Hell in a Cell 2016

Did you miss any of the action in-between Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell? Get your fill-in with the primer for the WWE’s next PPV event…


BroCast #72: The Wurtzburger Chronicles

After a 2 month hiatus, Carmine, Andy, and Sam bring back The BroCast by talking about Suplah Brawl, Ms. Wurtzburger, and upcoming goodies.


Goldberg Returns to Raw (And Why It Was Awesome)

Sam and Andy talk about Goldberg’s long-awaited return to WWE, the drama of Paige and Alberto Del Rio, and the continued demise of TNA…


TNA Sued by Billy Corgan (And Paige Suspended Again)

Andy and Liam review half of No Mercy, talk Paige’s rocky personal life, cry over WWE 2K17’s failures, and discuss more problems for TNA…


Paige Suspended for 60 Days; The Full Story

WWE Superstar Paige has violated the company’s Wellness Policy for a second time… why is this surprising, and what could be happening behind the scenes?


Complete Primer for WWE No Mercy (2016)

No Mercy makes its return to the WWE PPV schedule, where AJ Styles defends against Cena and Ambrose; need a catch-up? Check out our complete primer!


WWE buys TNA Tape Library, Corgan to likely rebrand TNA

WWE has purchased TNA’s tape library and Billy Corgan is set to rebrand TNA.


Who Should Buy TNA? (An Analysis of TNA’s Future)

TNA has mere hours left until its fate is sealed; but what would be the best option for the future of the brand? WWE, Sinclair, or a third party?


WWE Clash of Champions Review (And Why TNA Might Die)

Clash of Champions has come and gone; what were its problems? TNA has hours left before they fold; will anyone save them? Sam and Andy discuss.


Complete Primer for WWE Clash of Champions

Missed anything in the build to WWE’s next PPV, Clash of Champions? Check out this complete primer for all the information you need before watching…


TNA Up for Sale Again (Would WWE Buy Them?)

TNA is up for sale yet again, but will WWE be the one to buy them? Could ROH snap them up? See what The Suplah think on the latest episode…


Be a Paul Heyman Guy! (WWE 2K17 Trailer Analysis)

This trailer for WWE 2k17 is “straight FIRE!!!”, according to Brendan Davis; but what makes it so special? Find out as The Ace takes a look…


DELETE OR DECAY: Reaction Compilation (Final Deletion II)

TNA has followed up on Final Deletion with a second instalment, Delete or Decay; see The Suplah’s collective reactions to the match/segment here…


WWE Backlash 2016: Full Results

Backlash 2016 has come and gone; AJ Styles faced off against World Champion Dean Ambrose, and new SmackDown champions were crowned… read the results here!


Dixie Carter Leaves TNA (And Why That’s Good)

Liam, Andy and Keelan have reunited, all under one roof! Are they pleased with Dixie Carter’s departure from TNA? Are they sad about Del Rio’s release?

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 31: Alberto Del Rio attends the WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow Halloween event at the Philips Arena on October 31, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

Alberto Del Rio QUITS WWE!

Former World Champ, Alberto Del Rio, is the latest in a line of stars to quit the company in frustration.


BroCast #71: The Baby is Not Illegal

Welcome Back! Strap in and enjoy the return of the BroCast with Liam, Sam, and Carmine. What exactly are the rules of the Purge? What is the rake? Why can’t we do a show in less than 3 hours? Let’s find out!


SummerSlam Review & Fallout (And Why Miz is Awesome)

Sam and Andy talk SummerSlam, the Universal Championship, Lesnar/Orton, Miz being awesome, and the new SmackDown championships on the new Suplah episode.

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