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WWE Fastlane Review (And Why We’re Angry)

Sam and Andy take a look at Fastlane, why WWE booked things the way they did, and what WrestleMania looks like now…

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Matches That Never Were: WrestleMania XIX

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit at WrestleMania? No way! Liam Dunne takes a look at the WrestleMania matches that never happened…


The Hardys Leave TNA (And More Stars Follow)

The Hardys, Matt and Jeff, have officially left TNA, alongside Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett and Maria, and Jade. Liam and Andy discuss the repercussions…


BroCast #77: You Hate Hippos And Foreskin

It’s a new episode of the BroCast! What will Sam, Carmine, and Andy yell at each other about this time? Probably hippos…wait.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #39

Sam and Andy talk about Andy’s friends, or lack thereof, and struggle to start the show because of Andy. Or something.


The Rock Calls CM Punk (And Why We’re Confused)

Sam and Andy take a look at this week’s headlines; The Rock calls CM Punk on Raw, Naomi relinquishes her title, and DDP enters the Hall of Fame…


Who Are the Favourites to Go Into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Who will join Kurt Angle in the WWE Hall of Fame? Andy Quann takes a look at the odds and who we might, and might not, see inducted this year…


Randy Orton Forfeits Rumble Win? (And What’s Next)

This week; Sam and Andy review Elimination Chamber, discuss the end of Team Kevin and Chris, and Randy Orton potentially abandoning his Rumble win…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #38

Liam and Andy struggle to record a promo for the next live show on this video-form edition of Off the Air…


WWE Wrestler Retires!

We say goodbye to a future hall of famer, as they announce their retirement from the squared circle.


Is Donald Trump Good for WWE?

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential Elections, Liam and Andy wonder if WWE acknowledging their history with Donald Trump would be best for business.


WrestleMania 33 – Rumoured Match Card

WrestleMania is just around the corner… what are some of the matches we may be seeing? Liam runs down the rumours and looks at the potential card.


WWE Royal Rumble Review (And Rollins’ Injury Talk)

Sam and Andy review the 2017 Royal Rumble, look at the WrestleMania card, and Seth Rollins’ re-injury from Raw on this week’s Suplah.


Seth Rollins Injured (And Why This Might Be Necessary)

Seth Rollins injured once again on Raw, during Samoa Joe’s debut… what does this mean going forward, and why might this be necessary? Sam takes a look.


Royal Rumble 2017 Rumours (Will Joe Debut?)

Sam and Andy run down the rumours regarding Royal Rumble 2017, with rants on Kenny Omega and “Ten” included… all this, and more, on this week’s show.


BroCast #76: Only Punch Children

Ooooh, hey there BroCast! Looking good, did you get a new haircut? New shoes? Uh…new format? Oh nice bro, it’s always good to mix things up.


Kurt Angle in WWE Hall Of Fame! (And What We Think)

Liam and Andy run down the news of former WWE/TNA World Champ Kurt Angle finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame… and Andy’s new championship.


The Suplah – End of Year Awards 2016!

Andy, Sam and Carmine take a look back at 2016, and the final Co-Host of the Year is decided… all this on the Suplah’s End of Year Awards!


Does James Ellsworth Have Potential? (And Is John Cena Retiring?)

Does James Ellsworth have any direction going forward? Will John Cena slowly retire from the ring in 2017? All this on the Suplah’s Crimmus Special!


WWE United Kingdom Tournament Announced!

WWE announces their second Network Exclusive Tournament, this time around the UK stars!


BroCast #75: He’s Getting There With His Football

Looks like it’s just Sam and Carmine again…mostly…as they’re left to talk about bad days and worse haircuts.


WWE TLC 2016 Review (It Was Alright)

WWE TLC has been and gone, NXT might be going live, and Lita might have been released… Sam and Andy talk the latest news on The Suplah this week.


Complete Primer for WWE TLC 2016

WWE TLC is upon us! Did you miss any of the build for these matches? Worry not; this complete primer will fill you in on everything you might need to know!


BroCast #74: Give Us Our Syphilis Back

The BroCast is here! With only 2 hosts and 2 hours, what wacky waving inflatable arm flailing adventures will Sam and Carmine go on?


Goldberg Squashes Lesnar! (And Our Reactions)

Sam, Liam and Andy each give their thoughts on the Survivor Series main event, where Goldberg made short work of Brock Lesnar… was it the right move?

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