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The Cena Manhandles Heyman Episode of RAW

John Cena manhandles a manipulative Heyman on RAW, and Reigns vs Rollins comes early.

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BroCast #1: What Are We Doing?

Andy graduates, Brooks goes to ALcon, Liam stumbles across a crime scene, Glen needs a new phone and much more!

Total Divas SEASON 3 PREMIERE “Eggs Over Freezing”

Carmine and Glen discuss the season premiere of Total Divas “Eggs Over Freezing.”

NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way: Review

Brooks and Carmine review the latest NXT PPV: Takeover – Fatal 4-Way.


Sean O’Haire Passes Away – Suplah Bytesize

Andy and Liam debut The Suplah Bytesize by discussing the passing of Sean O’Haire.

Jerry Springer and NXT Invade RAW

The Suplah: Raw Review returns with Brooks and a special co-host… whoever could it be? Also, NXT stars invade Raw, and Jerry Springer breaks his leg. Download MP3

Total Divas Review – Season 2 Episodes 6-11 Recap

Glen and Carmine make their return from a four month long sabbatical to preview everyone for the Season 3 Premiere of the worst/best show ever on the E! Network by…

Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge – Part 22

Carmine returns and battles his way through Silph Co!

New NXT Tag Team Title Contenders

Reviewing this week’s NXT, where Sin Cara & Kalisto defeated The Vaudevillians to advance to face tag champs The Ascension at Takeover. Download MP3

Rosa Mendes Flashes Butt On Main Event, Jake Roberts Recovers

On this weeks show: Liam Dunne makes his dramatic return to the network, Jake Roberts conquers death, Impact’s deal with Spike TV is extended, Rosa Mendes basically strips on live…

New NXT GM Revealed

Brooks goes solo and reviews NXT. There’s tag teams, divas, and four guys and a title belt. Also, will Brooks win the GM bet he made with Carmine?

Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge – Part XXII

Carmine continues his Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge, with Part XXII.

Are Part-Timers a Good Thing for WWE?

On this weeks show the hosts discuss the effect that Part-Timers are having on the WWE, such as The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Batista, and if they are a good…

Hulk Hogan’s Birthday, Summerslam Predictions

Brooks and Carmine not only review the latest Raw, but they also give their SummerSlam match predictions in the middle of the video like assholes. Download MP3

Bruiser Brody – The Suplah Editorial (Ep. 2)

Frank Goodish, better known as “Bruiser Brody”, is one of the more famous examples of a brawler. But why did his promising career come to a tragic end?

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #14

Technical difficulties, dissecting the meaning of shirts, and exploring the dark and disturbing realms of Tumblr.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #13

A rebooted Off the Air features us failing to record a promo, creepypasta, Nuzlocke, Raw, and turning heel on your kids.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #12

Carmine summons people with the power of the LI, dumb bullshit happens, and surprise titantrons.

WWE Payback 2014

The Suplah reacts to WWE Payback 2014 in real-time!

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #11

On this edition of Off the Air, we fuck up going live, make some vagina talk, and crack some hipster jokes.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #10

Chicken, goats, tossing salad, Snapchat nipples, Scott Steiner, Adam Rose, lemons, rosebuds, Willow… what will the hosts not talk about on Off the Air?

“Inhale, Exhale” and “For Better or For Worse” – Total Divas

Glen and Carmine wade through 2 hours of terrible television to find the one golden moment that Season 2 has created.


Baywatch Wrestling – The Suplah Editorial (Ep. 1)

In the 90’s, wrestling was huge. Baywatch decided to capitalize on this hot market by having Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ric Flair appear in an episode…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #9

Liam vs Evie the internet robot, Andy vs maths, Keelan vs his own ears… many confrontations happen in this edition of Off the Air.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #8

Technical difficulties plague The Suplah once again, and Andy’s new song makes a big impact – but to what end? Find out in this new Off the Air.

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