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WWE Network UK Launch Delayed!!

The WWE Network is delayed in the UK, yet again. In turn, Andy Quann unleashes his biggest rant in 6 years of Suplah history.

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BroCast #8: Does This Mean I’m Gay?

Carmine, Brooks, Liam, Keelan, Glen, and Ellie discuss Marvel-MANIA, the Avengers 2 trailer, Russian memorial laws, and where we would want to live.


Sami Zayn Dominates!

Sami Zayn squares off against Titus O’Neil on his road to redemption, and the new contenders for the NXT Tag Team Titles are decided… in a BATTLE ROYAL.


WWE 2K15 Review, Does the IC Title Matter?

Liam, Andy and Sam rate and review WWE 2K15, discuss the importance of the Intercontinental Title in today’s product, promote Lucha Underground and lament over Daniel Bryan’s surgery.


Hell In a Cell 2014 – (Not-Quite) LIVE Reaction

Join Sam, Carmine and Keelan as they react to WWE’s HELL IN A CELL. During which they all go slowly insane.

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BroCast #7: Barry White Drowned to Death in Poon

Keelan, Carmine, and Sam tell spooky scary stories, talk about good TV shows, movie trailers, and politics


Team Cena Formed? – RAW REVIEW

Sam and Ellie review a standard edition of Raw, complete with an actual build to a future PPV. Also, Australia is Nazis.

Neville Defends, Bayley Betrayed – NXT REVIEW

Sam and Carmine review an action packed NXT, complete with a title defense, a betrayal, and a good variety of impressions.


RKO is the New Meme?! – Suplah ByteSize

Liam and Andy discuss the viral trend of RKO FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! Also discussed; the memes of WWE’s past such as Fandangoing, and Zack Ryder.



Sam and Ellie react to Mick Foley’s surprise appearance, rage over Divas and mid-carders, and critique the card for the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV.

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BroCast #6: The Prophecy of Quanndust

This week, Carmine, Sam, Andy, Keelan, Andy, and Ellie talk about Andy’s destiny, a boat on fire, a hype LootCrate unboxing, Marvel movies, and MUCH MORE!



Sam and Carmine review a jam-packed NXT, including the debut of CARMELLA, and a solid array of matches. Technical difficulties be damned.

Justin Roberts Released, 2K15 DLC Revealed – The Suplah

The hosts discuss Justin Roberts’ release, WWE 2K15’s DLC packages, Batista’s acting career, Daniel Bryan’s injury, and Bound for Glory.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #19

Sam is bursting at the seams to discuss Night of Champions, and can’t take the pressure to keep quiet whilst Liam and Carmine set up for their reaction.

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BroCast #5: How Do You Read?

Carmine, Liam, Glen, Sam, and Ellie talk about cool video games, giraffe assassins, and how they all met.

Zayn vs O’Neil – NXT REVIEW

Sam and Carmine yell their way through an awesome edition of NXT. Goo Goo Dolls included.

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Jesse Sorensen Retires – Suplah Bytesize

Liam and Andy discuss the state of affairs between Jesse Sorensen and TNA:, and eventually how TNA is basically the worst company in the world.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #18

Anacondas, impressions, girls, and catchphrases… what do Liam, Andy, Carmine and Sam shoot about this week?

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The Rock Returns! – RAW REVIEW

Sam can’t handle the Rock returning, and Ellie makes some noise. And the main event now contains hot dogs.

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BroCast #4: Ebola is Coming For You!

The Bros discuss Korean leaders, new games, and what not to do in the drive thru.

Tyson’s Last Chance – NXT REVIEW

Brooks is Andy, and Carmine is speculating. Tyson Kidd’s last chance at the NXT gold is here, as is the Women’s Championship rematch from Takeover.


WWE Network delayed for UK, More CM Punk Controversy? | The Suplah

Liam, Andy and Keelan talk about Russia, the delays of the UK WWE Network, Chris Jericho returning, more Punk controversy, and the usual slandering of TNA.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #17

Andy sabotages Liam’s attempts to start a show, and is then joined by Carmine and Sam as they prepare for a live reaction… with anacondas.

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Seth Rollins gets Slimed – Raw Review

Sam and Ellie review an episode of Raw not too out of place amongst a Saturday morning cartoon. Potential vibrators included.

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BroCast #3: Dickslexia

Andy, Carmine, and Sam discuss weed, music, and cheese in this week’s BroCast!

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