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BroCast #17: Going Straight Into Mice Sex

On a packed episode of the BroCast, the hosts take the time make sure that this show was as difficult to edit as possible…thanks guys.


Sting Returns, Bryan vs Kane, NXT Tournament

Sting returns to Raw, Cena overcomes the odds, Bryan beats Kane, and Lesnar destroys everybody. Meanwhile, a contender’s tournament begins in NXT…


WWE Network LIVE in UK, Sting on RAW!

The WWE Network FINALLY arrives in the UK, and Sting FINALLY debuts on Raw! What will happen at WrestleMania 31? Find out on The Suplah!

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BroCast #16: Have You Ever Had A Soggy Crumpet?

A very relaxed edition of the BroCast finds Carmine, Ellie, and Sam mellowing out for an hour.


Randy Savage in Hall of Fame

“Macho Man” Randy Savage is in the Hall of Fame! Liam and Andy wonder why it took so long, and discuss who should also be inducted…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #21

On this weeks show: Andy, Liam and Sam bitch about the Network. Or, lack thereof.

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BroCast #15: The Boobs Motorboated Themselves

This week, Andy, Sam, and Carmine play catch-up and discuss everything that’s happened in their world in the past month.

The Suplah’s END OF YEAR AWARDS: 2014!

The Suplah crew take a look back at 2014, and give awards to those deserving talents, including: Worst Wrestler, Worst Storyline, and Co-Host of the Year.

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Best of The Suplah 2K14 (MEGA ULTRA COMPILATION)

It’s been a hell of a year here at The Suplah Conglomerate. We present to you… THE BEST OF THE SUPLAH 2K14.

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BroCast #14: My Farm Smeg Is Running Green

On this week’s show, our hosts are on a road trip back from the Suplah Christmas Shack in the North Pole.

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NXT TakeOver [R]Evolution – (Not-Quite) LIVE Reaction

Sam and Carmine take it upon themselves to watch the latest NXT special event live and witness what may be the nest event of the year


CM Punk to UFC, Undertaker to ‘Mania?

Will CM Punk do well in UFC? Will Undertaker appear at WrestleMania 31? Will TNA ever die? Only The Suplah knows…


The Slammy Awards (RAW REVIEW)

Slammy Awards! This means predictability, questionable wins, and pointless endeavors! Also, Seth Green.

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BroCast #13: Fuck Mac, Fuck Windows, Fuck Ultron

On this week’s episode, Liam, Carmine, Sam, and Ellie discuss why Mac and Windows both suck, and why Ultron is a dick.


Zayn SLAPS Neville! (NXT Review)

It’s the go-home show before R: Evolution! Sami Zayn slaps Adrian Neville, Sasha Banks stands tall over Charlotte, and Kevin Owens tells his story…


Steve Austin Show & CM Punk RANT

Glen Fielding returns, for a special rant regarding the recent Stone Cold podcast guest-starring Vince McMahon, and the recent CM Punk interview.


Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Interview

Andy, Sam and Carmine discuss McMahon’s appearance on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast, where he proves just how out-of-touch McMahon is.

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #20

Andy can’t find himself some love, and the lads don’t seem to have any news to talk about for the show… whatever shall they do?

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BroCast #12: Everyone Gets A Phone Call

On a slower edition of the BroCast Sam, Keelan, and Carmine talk about some new movies and new games while also seeking advice from the legendary Aunt Agony Andy.


Finn Balor vs Tyson Kidd! (NXT Review)

Finn Balor makes his in-ring debut, and we learn the reason why Kevin Owens is in NXT…

Voting Booth 2nd Draft

Vote HERE For the Suplah Co-Host of the Year 2014!

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CM Punk Talks About WWE Exit

CM Punk recently revealed in an interview with Colt Cabana that he was actually fired from WWE on his wedding day. See how Andy reacts to Punk’s statements.


Sting’s WWE Schedule, Lesnar back to UFC?

Sting’s WWE debut is discussed in detail, as is Brock Lesnar’s potential jump to UFC. Did someone say End of Year Awards?


Daniel Bryan & Anonymous GM Return

On this weeks show: The hosts react to the fallout from Survivor Series, which includes a surprise return from Daniel Bryan

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Liam, Carmine and Sam take the reins once again, for a not-quite live reaction to WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2014.

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