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Has Mickie James Returned To TNA?

And just how many fans attended the UK shows?


Who Was In Charge The Rumble Match?

It explains everything…

wwe raw logo

Did Triple H Lie In His Austin Interview?

And who else was surprised that he wanted RAW to go back to 2 hours?


WWE Interested in Two ROH Stars?

WWE are reportedly interested in signing two ROH talents.


Heath Slater Returns on SmackDown

Which WWE Superstar returned to the ring in a dark match on SmackDown!


Should “The Gay Wrestler” Gimmick Return?

Is Kalisto getting a “gay hair stylist” gimmick? Should there even be a “gay gimmick” in wrestling today?


Triple H Addresses Chyna’s Hall of Fame Spot

When asked if former WWE women’s wrestler Chyna deserved a spot in the WWE’s Hall of Fame, Triple H responded with; “Absolutely.”


JBL Commentary Draws Controversy

WWE Commentator JBL remarked that Luke Harper resembled a “Zombie Eddie Guerrero” as he executed a top rope move this past Monday on Raw.


Roman Reigns Invented Punching

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns states his claim to inventing punching.

BroCast PSD

BroCast #18: Don’t Bliss on my Face

On this week’s show, Andy, Glen, Sam, and Carmine discuss cheese…go figure.

TNA Give The Von Erich Brothers Another Shot

Ross and Marshall Von Erich are returning to TNA in February with their Hall of Fame father Kevin.

bryan sad

Is Bryan Vs Ziggler a Slap In the Face?

WWE is currently rumoring that Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler will open Wrestlemania 31. Is this insulting?


New Japan buys Pro Wrestling NOAH?

New Japan Pro Wrestling has rumored to have bought out their rivals.


WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Review – Bytesize

Liam and Andy discuss their thoughts on this years big Rumble event and why they really aren’t excited for WrestleMania this year…


WWE Network free for current UK / ROI subscribers

The WWE Network will be free to all UK and Republic of Ireland subscribers in February.


The Roman Reigns Problem

What exactly is The Roman Reigns problem? He’s the next top guy, but everyone hates him. Let’s see why he’s not “looking strong” right now.


WWE’s New Dating Policy

WWE loves their weird rules…

ray stevens

New Name For Hall Of Fame 2015

Another Legend is expected to be announced soon


When Will We Next See Sting?

Sting was due on Raw, but because it was cancelled…

Del Rio

Alberto El Patron Rants About WWE (Again)

The former Alberto Del Rio has another shot at his former employer

tommy dreamer

Dreamer And Blue Meanie Nearly Made Rumble Cut

Tommy Dreamer and Blue Meanie could have shown up in the match!


Why Did Justin Gabriel Quit WWE

Reports suggest that the Royal Rumble was the last straw

16026 - Roman_Reigns commercial royal_rumble wwe

The Curse Of The Royal Rumble

Liam Dunne looks in depth as to why the Rumble has lost its excitement and where it all went wrong…

evan bourne

Is Evan Bourne Bitter To WWE?

Evan Bourne shares his thoughts on WWE and his release from the company


Rumoured WrestleMania 31 Matches

With Reigns vs. Lesnar being confirmed so far, what other matches are left to be announced?

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