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Did Brock Lesnar Walk Out On Raw?

There could be more to this story than what the internet tells us…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #22

Andy cannot get the computer to work, Carmine plays the straight man, and Liam tests the audio levels.


Bryan and Reigns Brawl, Rhyno Returns

Who came out on top when Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan collided? Why does SmackDown even bother? Who will Kevin Owens murder next as the NXT Champion?

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WWE Sues CM Punk – New Details Surface

WWE has sued CM Punk over comments on Colt Cabana’s podcast


Samoa Joe Released, Cesaro Hacked

Samoa Joe is gone from TNA; what’s next? Is Brock Lesnar leaving WWE in April? Is there a new “redneck” stable? Find out on the latest Suplah Podcast!


Samoa Joe Quits TNA – Backstage Reaction, WWE Interested?

In a move that has surprised many, Samoa Joe announced on Twitter that he and TNA have parted ways. Joe’s contract with TNA was due to expire recently.

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Is WWE Immortals Better Than 2K15?

Liam Dunne looks into WWE’s video game past and how it’s lead to one of their better games.


Seth Rollins Nude Scandal Explained

What happened during Monday Night Raw that led the WWE Universe to lay eyes on Seth Rollins’ nudes? Sam and Andy explain everything.


Seth Rollins Nude Photo Leaks: A Timeline

Seth Rollins has been involved in a nude photo leak, exposing intimate details about his personal life, and potentially leaving a dent in his WWE career.

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BroCast #19: Genocide Steak Isn’t the Worst

Sam, Carmine, and Andy spend almost three hours creating what might be the greatest episode this show has ever seen.

NXT Dream Shot

NXT is going on the road

NXT will have live shows outside of Full Sail University


WWE aims to ‘Quiet the Marks’ at Fast Lane [SPOILERS]

Prepare for major spoilers.

Daniel Bryan going to WrestleMania? Triple H’s Interview

Daniel Bryan going to Wrestlemania? What is the fallout after Triple H’s Interview with Austin? Will Chyna ever be a Hall of Famer? Find out on The Suplah!

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Has Mickie James Returned To TNA?

And just how many fans attended the UK shows?


Who Was In Charge The Rumble Match?

It explains everything…

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Did Triple H Lie In His Austin Interview?

And who else was surprised that he wanted RAW to go back to 2 hours?


WWE Interested in Two ROH Stars?

WWE are reportedly interested in signing two ROH talents.


Heath Slater Returns on SmackDown

Which WWE Superstar returned to the ring in a dark match on SmackDown!


Should “The Gay Wrestler” Gimmick Return?

Is Kalisto getting a “gay hair stylist” gimmick? Should there even be a “gay gimmick” in wrestling today?


Triple H Addresses Chyna’s Hall of Fame Spot

When asked if former WWE women’s wrestler Chyna deserved a spot in the WWE’s Hall of Fame, Triple H responded with; “Absolutely.”


JBL Commentary Draws Controversy

WWE Commentator JBL remarked that Luke Harper resembled a “Zombie Eddie Guerrero” as he executed a top rope move this past Monday on Raw.


Roman Reigns Invented Punching

In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns states his claim to inventing punching.

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BroCast #18: Don’t Bliss on my Face

On this week’s show, Andy, Glen, Sam, and Carmine discuss cheese…go figure.

TNA Give The Von Erich Brothers Another Shot

Ross and Marshall Von Erich are returning to TNA in February with their Hall of Fame father Kevin.

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Is Bryan Vs Ziggler a Slap In the Face?

WWE is currently rumoring that Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler will open Wrestlemania 31. Is this insulting?

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