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Triple H Is The Best Character In Wrestling

After watching “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”, Liam Dunne thinks Max Landis has a point…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #25

Liam and Andy had a wild adventure across London, and Sam gets to hear a shitty rendition of events from Andy, before hearing an accurate account by Liam.


Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/16/15)

Highlights from Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/16/15).


Kevin Nash going into the Hall of Fame?

Nash rumoured to be going into the Hall of Fame.


Kevin Owens has Knee Surgery

The NXT Champion is injured and had surgery.


Jimmy Jacobs to Join WWE Creative

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Jimmy Jacobs has reportedly joined the WWE Creative Team, potentially departing ROH in the process.

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BroCast #22: Potential Racism Almost Killed Me

The episode where literally no one is safe from verbal attack. We promise we’re not anti-Semitic.


Uhaa Nation Signs with WWE

Top indie star Uhaa Nation has signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. What does this mean for both parties?

Special Wrestlemania Entrances?

WWE sends out casting calls for special Wrestlemania entrances.


Wrestling Blamed For Teenager’s Death

A boy in India dies, and WWE is being blamed.

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Bill DeMott Turns Down Interview

The former head of NXT is becoming more active on Twitter


How We’d Book WrestleMania 31

Is Roman Reigns over? Was #GiveDivasAChance a work? Will there be giant stairs instead of an entrance ramp? Find out how The Suplah would book WrestleMania.


TNA’s Future In Jeopardy?

Even the talents are worried about the company’s fate…

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #24

Andy continues to complain about Roman Reigns, pissing off Carmine and Sam in tandem. You’d think we talk about other stuff than wrestling.


Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/9/15)

For those who missed the build to WrestleMania last night, worry not; here’s a recap of all the important moments from Monday Night Raw.

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BroCast #21: I Spaff Alpha Males For Breakfast

Alternate titles include: Chuck E. Cheese is a Work, Andy’s Radar Dick, etc.

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Bill DeMott Resigns, Is Roman Reigns Ready?

Bill DeMott resigns amid allegations of abuse. What are the facts? Is Roman Reigns ready for Lesnar? Find out on this episode of The Suplah…


Brock Lesnar Update

Brock may owe the WWE an appearance after walking out.


More Stars Added To Mania Ladder Match

Who joins Barrett and R-Truth?

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BroCast #20: Kevin Nash is Not an Adjective

Andy, Sam, and Carmine are the chosen ones who will bring the cursed episode to life through the power of magnum dongs!

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The Suplah: OFF THE AIR #23

Andy thinks he can hear non-existent Spanish music, and argues with Carmine over the current WWE product.


Full Monday Night Raw Results (2/3/15)

Check out the full Raw Results here. Who’s the new Hall of Fame inductee? Who returned to ignite the Diva’s Divison? Did Jon Stewart show up?


Will #GiveDivasAChance Work?

What the #GiveDivasAChance movement is all about; will it work? What needs to change? Shouldn’t women finally be on the same level as the men? All this on the latest Suplah Bytesize.


Stephanie McMahon Furious At AJ Lee

Did AJ’s tweet go a bit too far?


Big Name Heading To The Hall Of Fame 2015

And one other who got snubbed

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