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Roman Reigns Suspended for 30 Days (Wellness Policy Violation)

Brendan DavisJune 21st, 2016News1 Comment »

UPDATE: According to Meltzer, the WWE knew about the test failure BEFORE the Money in the Bank PPV event, this past Sunday.

After calculating the suspension, it appears that Roman Reigns will be missing a lot whilst he’s out.

As per the Policy, Roman is not allowed to appear anywhere on WWE programming for the next 30 days, which will be the 21st of July. In between then is the entire build for the next PPV, Battleground (which occurs on the 24th), and the official Draft for the WWE’s Brand Split (which occurs on the 19th).

No word on how the WWE will adapt to this in regards to a top star’s suspension, but it doesn’t look good. More details as they come. [S]



Original Post:

The Big Dog just got sent to the doghouse. See what I did there? No? Don’t care? Well, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns just got suspended for 30 days, for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. Reigns posted the following on Twitter:

No word on what Roman was caught with, but this is still a surprise considering how much WWE has been pushing him since 2014. This is a big loss for the WWE at the moment, so it makes me wonder what will happen with Roman when he returns… I guess we’ll see in 30 days.

More on this story as it develops. What are your thoughts on this shocking news? Comment below!

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  • Sam Brooks

    Colour me fucking surprised. This could mean he gets the Randy Orton treatment upon his return, and is back to the main event within a couple months.

    Seeing how his suspension is over before the triple threat at Battleground, I still doubt that he’d be back in the match. If he’s gone from TV, there’s no promotion involved for Reigns, and it would reflect badly on WWE.

    Between this and Rollins’ dick pics, this means Ambrose is the only one left without controversy to his name. Must have gotten it out of his system as Jon Moxley. Good for him.

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