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The Suplah hosts take a look at the latest headlines in the world of wrestling each week, reacting to rumors, injuries and PPV events.

NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way LIVE Reaction

Liam, Carmine, and Sam react to NXT Takeover 2 (Fatal 4-Way), while talking about almost everything except for the actual event.

Total Divas SEASON 3 PREMIERE “Eggs Over Freezing”

Carmine and Glen discuss the season premiere of Total Divas “Eggs Over Freezing.”


Sean O’Haire Passes Away – Suplah Bytesize

Andy and Liam debut The Suplah Bytesize by discussing the passing of Sean O’Haire.

Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge – Part 22

Carmine returns and battles his way through Silph Co!

Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge – Part XXII

Carmine continues his Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge, with Part XXII.

Bruiser Brody – The Suplah Editorial (Ep. 2)

Frank Goodish, better known as “Bruiser Brody”, is one of the more famous examples of a brawler. But why did his promising career come to a tragic end?

WWE Payback 2014

The Suplah reacts to WWE Payback 2014 in real-time!

“Inhale, Exhale” and “For Better or For Worse” – Total Divas

Glen and Carmine wade through 2 hours of terrible television to find the one golden moment that Season 2 has created.


Baywatch Wrestling – The Suplah Editorial (Ep. 1)

In the 90’s, wrestling was huge. Baywatch decided to capitalize on this hot market by having Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Ric Flair appear in an episode…

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