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Liam Dunne
Founder/Creative Director/Host
2008 – Present

Liam Dunne (the one on the left) is one of the founding members of the Suplah, along with his sidekick Andy Quann.

Remaining the figurehead of the City since the beginning (briefly departing in 2014, however, to pursue his “film career”), Liam would frequently find himself at the centre of controversy: from making jokes about miscarriages and terrorism, to blasting racial slurs on live broadcasts, Liam has always been in the spotlight for one reason or another.

Taking on general channel management, as well as serving as the primary director of Suplah Gaming, Liam is the boss of the conglomerate that we all love to hate love. Did you know he worked on the Avengers?


Andy Quann
Founder/Creative Director/Host
2008 – Present

Andy Quann is not only one of the founding members of The Suplah, but he is perhaps the show’s most popular co-host, for one reason or another… we’re not quite sure why, either, to be honest.

Starting the show with Liam Dunne in 2008, Andy has found himself singing about “tossing salad” to hundreds of thousands of people, reading out news headlines in a repetitive fashion, and all the while keeping some of his dignity intact. Not all, but some.

Andy’s chief responsibilities at The Suplah are sourcing the news for our weekly show, and occasionally inviting you to Quann’s Corner, here on Let’s hope we add “learning different jokes” to that list of to-do’s.


Keelan Balderson
Webmaster/Political Relations
2010 – Present

The webmaster himself, Keelan Balderson is also the owner of WrestlePundit, providing a majority of the news for the show, ever since 2010.

His interests in alternative media and conspiracy theories has earned him a reputation among the Suplah crew as a source of wisdom and guidance, and as a source of council whenever any political issues find their way into the podcasts.

Taking a backstage role in recent years, occasionally appearing for live shows, Mr. Balderson is a joy to listen to when he makes his rare appearances.


Carmine Antonelli
Creative Director/Host/Foreign Secretary

2012 – Present

The first ever American Suplah host, hailing from the swamps of Florida, Carmine Antonelli’s obvious nationality has often been made fun of since his 2012 debut, much to his chagrin.

Perhaps best known for his status as the producer of the channel’s Let’s Play series, Carmine frequently subjected himself to all kinds of torture, including; the WWE 2K games, WWE: Crush Hour, and even a Pokemon FireRed WWE Nuzlocke Challenge. He’s also the creator of the Suplah Brawl, a league where the hosts fight it out for the “prestigious” Suplah Championship – basically, Carmine served as the gamer of us all… before we launched the Gaming channel.

When not continuing his storied blood-feud with Liam Dunne, Carmine often talks nonsense with Sam Brooks, often times mocking Andy Quann. Brendan Davis is there too. Listen to the BroCast.

Sam Bio

Sam Brooks
Creative Director/Editor/Host

2014 – Present

A man with a loud, apparently controversial, sense of humour, Sam Brooks has been known to bring in shock and laughter simultaneously whenever he appears. He’s also very pretty, and is in no way biased when writing these host biographies. At all.

Serving as the editor of the main show, as well as wearing many other hats, Sam also occasionally wears sunglasses indoors, because his future is brighter than yours. Beware when challenging him to a verbal debate; Andy can testify that he’ll fuck you up.

Sam has a doppelgänger that occasionally appears in the City, usually to advertise the live broadcasts. “Second Sam” is almost identical to Sam, just with different clothes… don’t ask.


Brendan Davis

2015 – Present

The most recent acquisition to The Suplah is Brendan Davis, aka Timmy Turner; the man with a loud bark, and nastier bite. His presence is made known whenever he appears by his devil-may-care attitude, and his wild, flavourful sense of humour.

Working in the shadows as an occasional article writer and co-host, Brendan likes to involve himself behind-the-scenes. When he’s not discussing wrestling, he’s found talking about Vine memes and anime on the BroCast.

As the face of the famous “D’s Nuts” brand of packaged nuts, Brendan takes pride in this label, and is also rumoured to moonlight as a man named “Lúcio”, in a future version of Earth… his extra-curricular activities outside the Suplah are definitely the most mysterious.

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