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WWE Draft Results (And Why It Wasn’t Great)

Sam BrooksJuly 20th, 2016The Suplah3 Comments »

Rollins, Reigns, Lesnar, Balor to Raw; Ambrose, American Alpha, John Cena to SmackDown

The WWE has been split into two, and there’s a lot to discuss!

On this edition of Breaking Suplah, Liam and Sam give their thoughts and feelings towards the show. Get the complete results, predictions, and reactions from The Suplah to the WWE Draft here!

Dean Ambrose goes to SmackDown, along with John Cena, AJ Styles, The Miz and Bray Wyatt. Raw is filled up with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Charlotte, Rusev and The New Day. Finn Balor gets called up from NXT alongside Nia Jax, American Alpha, and… Mojo Rawley!?

What are your thoughts on the Draft? Why Mojo Rawley? Comment below, and you’ll be featured next week!

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  • JSN

    I can understand your frustrations with some of the draft picks Sam, however certain draftees and non-draftees can be explained. Now while a lot of people, myself included, thought that Shinsuke Nakamura would have made a good pick for Raw or Smackdown, he honestly should spend a little more time in NXT with at least one run with the title before moving up. If anything Samoa Joe should get called up before Nakamura. I haven’t watched any current NXT content so I don’t know if Bailey has received her rematch for the women’s title yet, but I think she should have a Finn Balor/Samoa Joe-like feud where she’ll challenge Asuka for the title on back to back takeovers, fail to regain the title, and then make her way up to the main roster. As for Sasha’s mystery partner at Battleground, I think it will be Nia Jaxx instead of Bailey mainly because Jaxx said in an interview after she was drafted that she already had her mind set on taking Charlotte out and the title from her and Sasha has said in interviews for the network that she doesn’t want Bailey as a tag partner at Battleground. Plus Charlotte, Dana Brook, Sasha, and Nia Jaxx were all drafted to Raw so that’s further evidence that Jaxx could be Sasha’s mystery partner this Sunday. WWE maybe should have called up Tye Dillinger in the draft instead of Mojo Rawley. I wouldn’t have picked Rawley in the draft at all.

    • Sam Brooks

      It’s true, it’s true: after looking at the NXT roster, really the only guy that could have been called up instead of Rawley is Dillinger, and that’d be a greater loss to NXT than Rawley. I was thinking more in terms of kayfabe, why would anyone want Rawley over the plethora of talents they have down there, but alas, kayfabe is dead.

      Bayley is due her rematch at the next Takeover, Back to Brooklyn (which we’ll be going live for *cough*) – if she doesn’t debut this Sunday at Battleground (which we’ll also be going live for *cough* *cough*) then she might later this year – her time is now. Saying that, Jax would be an interesting choice for Banks, and I would enjoy seeing how that works.

      We’ll be sure to expand on your comment this Sunday when we’re live for Suplahground at 8pm GMT/3pm EST, only on YouTube *cough*

      • JSN

        Cool, I’ll be looking forward to this Sunday. In a bit of related news Brock Lesnar has failed a second drug test and the PED he tested positive for is apparently also the same drug that Jon Jones tested positive for. According to wrestling observer before the positive result on Lesnar’s drug test he, not Seth Rollins, was going to be the number one overall draft pick in the WWE draft. Also according to wrestling observer the drug Roman Reigns tested positive for is adderall which is the ADHD drug that Adam Rose tested positive for.

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