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The Suplah hosts take a look at the latest headlines in the world of wrestling each week, reacting to rumors, injuries and PPV events.


Wade Barrett Quits WWE (And Why We’re Not Surprised)

Liam, Sam and Carmine take a look at Wade Barrett’s potential departure from WWE in the summer; was he a wasted talent? Find out on The Suplah.


Daniel Bryan Retires! (And What This Means)

Liam, Andy and Sam take a look back at the career of Daniel Bryan, and what the future holds for WWE in the wake of his retirement.


Rumored Plans for WrestleMania 32 (And Why They Suck)

Liam and Andy run down the plans for WrestleMania 32, including Undertaker vs Braun Strowman & Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt; but why do these plans already suck?


Royal Rumble Predictions! (And Will AJ Styles Debut?)

The Royal Rumble is here! Who’s most likely to win? Will the Phenomenal One make his debut? All this, and more, on the latest edition of The Suplah.

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The Suplah END OF YEAR AWARDS 2015

It’s time to give out the yearly awards! Best Wrestler, Worst Diva, Botch of the Year, and the Co-Host of the Year Award! Find out who won here…


Roman Reigns wins WWE Title (And Our Reactions)

Roman Reigns shocked the world by capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Raw this week; see what the Suplah thinks about this Crimmus season “upset”.


WWE TLC Predictions (And Why We’re Apathetic)

Sam and Andy couldn’t care less about the TLC card; hear their thoughts and complaints on the latest edition of The Suplah.


Mick Foley’s WWE Rants (And Why He’s Right)

Mick Foley’s not happy with WWE creative; Steve Austin can’t help but agree – Sam and Carmine discuss why Foley may be onto something here.


Sheamus Wins World Title (And Why That’s Good)

Survivor Series has come and gone, and we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Sheamus; join Sam and Andy as they discuss the fallout.

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WWE Breaking Ground Review (And Why Kayfabe is Dead)

Breaking Ground focuses on the WWE trainees experiences at the Performance Center; Sam and Andy discuss why it’s so good, and why it kills kayfabe dead.


Seth Rollins Out 6-9 Months (And What To Do Next)

Seth Rollins sustained a leg injury at a WWE Live Event, sidelining him for 6-9 months, and vacated the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio Returns (And Why We Don’t Care)

Alberto Del Rio made his WWE return at Hell in a Cell, where he won the United States Championship – what’s Del Rio doing back in WWE? Find out here.


Tyler Breeze Debuts (And Why We’re Worried)

NXT’s Tyler Breeze made his debut on SmackDown this week, attacking Dolph Ziggler – will be fare well on the main roster? Sam and Andy discuss.


Why Are Raw Ratings Declining? (Raw is Terrible)

Why are the Raw ratings declining each week? Sam and Andy explore the possibilities; bad booking and terrible storylines…


TNA Bound for Glory 2015 Review (Why it Sucked)

TNA Bound for Glory 2015 has been and gone; why is it sending TNA into a huge nosedive? Find out on the latest edition of The Suplah.


Demon Kane has Returned! (And Why It’s Good)

The Demon Kane is back, and will face Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. But is this going to be a good feud? Sam would agree, but Andy thinks otherwise.


Was WWE Night of Champions Terrible?

Sam and Andy run down WWE Night of Champions, and why it was a good event… for some parts. Find out the results here!


Why has WWE’s Divas Revolution Failed?

We’re back! Join Liam, Andy and current Suplah Champion Sam as they discuss the pitfalls of WWE’s “Divas Revolution”.


Kurt Angle Leaving TNA (Will He Return to WWE?)

Kurt Angle could potentially be leaving TNA… what happens next for the former Olympian? Liam and Andy look at his career, and the potential of a final WWE run.


Zahra Schreiber Released From NXT!

After much controversy, Seth Rollin’s girlfriend is fired after less than a year at the company…

Sting Returns To WWE (And Why It Doesn’t Make Sense)

Why Heath Slater has a more legitimate claim to challenge for the WWE Title than Sting.


Stephen Amell Wrestling At Summerslam (And Why It’s Okay)

On this week’s show, Liam and Sam try out The Suplah’s new style and discuss why Stephen Amell wrestling at Summerslam is okay….What? It’s in the title…


Roddy Piper Passes Away, “Swerved” Cancelled?

“Hot Rod” Roddy Piper is no longer with us, Swerved could end after one series, and ZZ loves Peanut Butter. All this, and more, on the latest news roundup.


WWE Blacklists Hulk Hogan, Are They Justified?

Hulk Hogan’s racism has him blacklisted from the WWE: is this the right reaction? WWE could potentially unify two titles… all this on the latest news.


Undertaker Returning, Tough Enough’s Problems

Undertaker could return at Battleground, Dolph Ziggler re-signs, and GFW announces titles. All this, and more, on the latest news roundup.

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