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The Suplah hosts take a look at the latest headlines in the world of wrestling each week, reacting to rumors, injuries and PPV events.


Moose Signs with TNA (And Why That’s Best)

Liam, Andy and Sam review the fallout of TNA’s Final Deletion & Destination X Event, Moose’s debut, WWE’s supposed rip-off, and finally discuss WCPW…


THE FINAL DELETION: Reaction Compilation (HARDY vs HARDY)

The Suplah sit down to watch the highly-anticipated Final Deletion match, between Matt and Jeff Hardy, from TNA Impact Wrestling.


New WWE PPV Events Leaked (And Why They’re Confusing)

Liam & Andy further discuss Roman Reigns’ suspension, Titus O’Neil’s lip-kissing, and the slightly confusing WWE PPV schedule post-Brand Split.


WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Review (And Why It Was Boring)

This week on The Suplah, Liam is joined by Sam and Carmine, as they run down the WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV – why was it so boring? Find out here…


TNA Close to Dying?! (And Why Slammiversary Almost Didn’t Happen)

TNA’s Slammiversary PPV almost didn’t happen, and their POP TV show was 2 hours late… is this the end of TNA? Sam and Andy discuss on The Suplah.


Goldberg in WWE 2K17! (And More Brand Split Details)

Team Beheh has hijacked The Suplah this week, discussing Goldberg’s surprise appearance in WWE 2K17, more news on the brand split, and Cody Rhodes’ release.


Extreme Rules 2016 Review (And Why It Was Excellent)

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 has come and gone; why was it such a good event? Liam, Andy and Sam discuss on the latest Suplah.


The Evolution of The New Day (The Best Stable in Years?)

Liam, Jainni, Andy and Carmine discuss the history of, potentially, WWE’s best stable, The New Day, on the latest episode of The Suplah.


Adam Rose Suspended Indefinitely (Does He Deserve It?)

Adam Rose has been suspended from the WWE indefinitely, due to a charge of domestic violence battery. Does the man deserve this punishment? The Suplah discuss on the latest show.


WWE Payback 2016 Review (Was It Better Than WrestleMania?)

The Suplah discuss the fallout of WWE Payback; featuring Super Reigns, Enzo Amore’s injury, and “Stone Cold” Mickey Mouse… wait, what was that last one?


Samoa Joe Wins NXT Championship (Will Finn Be at Payback?)

Liam, Andy and Sam run down the latest breaking news: Samoa Joe’s your new NXT Champion, and more details on Chyna’s passing are revealed.


Conor McGregor Retires? (And More TNA News)

Liam and Andy talk more about TNA dying, and the short-lived panic of MMA’s Conor McGregor announcing retirement, on this week’s edition of The Suplah.


Former WWE Star Chyna Passes Away

Former WWE star and Intercontinental Champion passes away at age 45.


TNA Evicted from Offices! (Will They Finally Die?)

TNA have been evicted from their offices, and moved into their merch warehouse. Liam & Andy’s reactions might not be what you expect…


WrestleMania 32 + Post-Raw Review (Worst ‘Mania Ever?)

WrestleMania 32 has come and gone, but was it one of the worst events of all time? Check out The Suplah’s review of ‘Mania, and the Raw after, here.

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Bobby Roode and Eric Young Quit TNA (And Why We’re Happy)

In a blow to the suffering company, two of their biggest stars make their leave; what do Liam, Andy and Sam have to say about Bobby Roode and Eric Young?


WrestleMania 32 Predictions! (And Why We Don’t Care)

On this edition of The Suplah, Sam and Andy take a look at the updated WrestleMania 32 card, and the bad decisions made this year… but what are they?


Why WWE’s “The Authority” Are Terrible

This week we discuss some of the problems with WWE’s resident bad guys, The Authority, as we invade Peterborough’s Hereward Radio.

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Does the Internet Ruin Wrestling? (And What We Think)

Does the presence of the internet ruin the experience of being a wrestling fan? Join Sam and Andy as they discuss the answers…


Shane McMahon Returns (And Why We’re Excited)

This past Raw, Shane McMahon made his surprise return to WWE – what does this mean for the future? Find out on the latest edition of The Suplah!


Wade Barrett Quits WWE (And Why We’re Not Surprised)

Liam, Sam and Carmine take a look at Wade Barrett’s potential departure from WWE in the summer; was he a wasted talent? Find out on The Suplah.


Daniel Bryan Retires! (And What This Means)

Liam, Andy and Sam take a look back at the career of Daniel Bryan, and what the future holds for WWE in the wake of his retirement.


Rumored Plans for WrestleMania 32 (And Why They Suck)

Liam and Andy run down the plans for WrestleMania 32, including Undertaker vs Braun Strowman & Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt; but why do these plans already suck?


Royal Rumble Predictions! (And Will AJ Styles Debut?)

The Royal Rumble is here! Who’s most likely to win? Will the Phenomenal One make his debut? All this, and more, on the latest edition of The Suplah.

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The Suplah END OF YEAR AWARDS 2015

It’s time to give out the yearly awards! Best Wrestler, Worst Diva, Botch of the Year, and the Co-Host of the Year Award! Find out who won here…

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