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Does James Ellsworth Have Potential? (And Is John Cena Retiring?)

Sam BrooksDecember 23rd, 2016The Suplah0 Comments »

Cena’s Schedule Going Forward, Ellsworth’s Potential Going Forward

The Suplah has once again arrived at their favourite holiday home… the Suplah Shack! Join Liam, Sam, Andy and Brendan as they spend their time together sharing immense joy, and immeasurable conflict over a jobber!

John Cena and the WWE have been rumored to be on bad terms; the Suplah are quick to dissect why this can’t be true, and what John Cena could potentially be doing in 2017 as a result of his new schedule…

James Ellsworth somehow invades his way into the Shack, sparking a fierce debate amongst the hosts; see who falls on what side of this argument this time, right here. Don’t forget to join us in January for our End of Year Awards show!

What are your thoughts on 2016, and what will you be voting for in the comments? Let us know below!

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