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Goldberg in WWE 2K17! (And More Brand Split Details)

Sam BrooksJune 3rd, 2016The Suplah0 Comments »

Former World Champion Revealed as Pre-Order Bonus + More on Upcoming Brand Split

WWE’s social media has drawn much attention over the past week, with a series of tweets about the mysterious #Hatch… but who was waiting for us inside it? None other than former World Heavyweight champion Goldberg!

In a trailer for the latest WWE video game, WWE 2K17, we learn that Goldberg is this year’s pre-order bonus, filling the shoes previously worn by Sting, Ultimate Warrior, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also included with the pre-order, alongside two versions of Goldberg, are two WCW arenas; Monday Nitro, and Halloween Havoc.

Last seen in the WWE at WrestleMania XX, in 2005, Goldberg has spent the last decade in a low-profile state. But what lies in store for The Creature from Planet Goldberg? After seeing a Hall of Fame induction, several in-ring appearances, and a small handful of matches from last year’s pre-order bonus in Sting, could we potentially be seeing a lot more of Goldberg in the WWE soon? Sam, Carmine and Brendan discuss.

Also discussed this week; Cody Rhodes’ release, and where he could end up in the future, the upcoming brand split, and the plans WWE has for their soon-to-be divided roster, and the reasons why we are getting this brand split in the first place.

What are your thoughts on this year’s pre-order bonus, Goldberg? Could he be seen in a WWE ring again soon? Leave a comment below!

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