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In a departure from the usual topic of the squared circle, the Suplah talks about all aspects of the world, from quirky news to movie reviews, and a mix of improvisation games.

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BroCast #4: Ebola is Coming For You!

The Bros discuss Korean leaders, new games, and what not to do in the drive thru.

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BroCast #3: Dickslexia

Andy, Carmine, and Sam discuss weed, music, and cheese in this week’s BroCast!

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BroCast #2: Zambambos

Resident Evil, Microsoft buying Minecraft, a movie Sam and Ellie saw, the Scottish voting to stay in the UK, and much more are discussed on the BroCast!

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BroCast #1: What Are We Doing?

Andy graduates, Brooks goes to ALcon, Liam stumbles across a crime scene, Glen needs a new phone and much more!

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