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In a departure from the usual topic of the squared circle, the Suplah talks about all aspects of the world, from quirky news to movie reviews, and a mix of improvisation games.

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BroCast #60: How Much Is A Steam?

Do you want to hear Liam and Andy drive Sam and Carmine insane for 4 hours as they try to talk about video games, racist robots, and new movies? No? Then I am so very sorry.

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BroCast #59: The Good Ship Sink

Here ye, Here ye! Sound the horns and buckle up, because Sam, Carmine, and Andy are about to take you on another BroCast adventure!

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BroCast #58: Shaun Of The Sheep

In a show full of Power Rangers, Fair Use, and fake singing discussion, we have Carmine, Sam, and Andy to keep us entertained for…4 hours!?

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BroCast #57: A Perfect 5 Out Of 7

After an extended hiatus, Carmine, Sam, Liam, Keelan, and Andy are proud to present the long-awaited return of our weekly display of nonsense!

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BroCast #56: Why Do You Hate Ham-Cheese?

Between the recording and editing of this episode, Carmine almost died of laughter. If that’s not a great sign towards what he, Sam, and Andy talked about this week, We don’t know what is.

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BroCast #55: Schwarzenae-nae

Sam trash talks Carmine as the host of this week’s show, joined by Andy and Brendan; a fight over a cookie breaks out, and wrestling is torn to shreds.

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BroCast #54: You Say Hurtful Things

Carmine is dragged to a pub by Sam, and Andy comes along; Andy tells his concussion stories, Sam has all the questions, and Carmine dies at the end.

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BroCast #53: Funny Is All I Have

If that’s all they have, then we should all feel sorry for them. Join Sam and Carmine as they prove once again that it’s not about the number of hosts, it’s about how stupid they’re willing to be.

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BroCast #52: We’re On Stitcher

After 2 months, The Director has made his way back to the BroCast. How many times will he interrupt someone? How many inappropriate jokes will he make? The answer to both: more than you guessed.

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BroCast #51: I Can Be a Big Spoon

This week, Sam takes control of the animals known as Andy, Keelan and Brendan. New games are played, no letters are received, and Brocktober ends.

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BroCast #50: Stop Saying Scissoring

How the hell did this show last 50 episodes? Well now’s not the time for questioning, now’s the time for CELEBRATION! Join Carmine, Sam, Andy, and Brendan as they put on the most unique episode to date.

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BroCast #49: Look What You Made Me Do

What happens when you combine serious discussion with the topic of aliens defecating on walls? You get episode 49 of the BroCast

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BroCast #48: Everything Is Just Noise

If our bad jokes don’t pull you in, our shitty personalities sure will! Welcome to the BroCast!

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BroCast #47: I Need Gilbert Gottfried Skyfall

Have you ever wanted to listen to two men struggling to speak due to challenges they’ve inflicted upon each other? Well then do we have a show for you!

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BroCast #46: Whales Is Mammals

Once every 7 cycles, when the planets align, 5 brave souls shall encompass the BroCast. What shall derive in this, our greatest hour…well actually more like two and a half hours but whatever.

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BroCast #45: Add Nuts And Go Crazy

What happens when five Suplah hosts get together to talk about their weeks and Harry Potter? Let’s answer that question with Carmine, Sam, Ellie, Brendan, and Andy

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BroCast #44: I Don’t Care If They’re Five

Listen as Sam, Carmine, and Andy discuss some unsung movie praises, the new experience of dating, and ALcon!

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BroCast #43: Why Am I a Sausage Roll?

Andy’s genitals are a game to be played, Liam finds out what Hogwarts house he’s in, and Sam plays host; all this, and more, on this week’s BroCast.

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BroCast #42: Scared Of Your Communist Slingshot

Another 2-man show? No problem! What could possibly…is that a Ukulele? …Oh boy.

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BroCast #41: What Does Cancer Smell Like?

Has Carmine seen any of your favorite action movies? Does Sam like marmite? Will Ellie ever stop laughing? Who the hell is this Brendan guy?

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BroCast #40: What A Great Day For Sexball

When 3 pod-casters start talking about Ronda Rousey, that’s pretty normal. When they come up with the new sports craze that’s sweeping the nation: that’s genius.

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BroCast #39: Swol Ghost Hangman

In this episode, Carmine, Sam, Andy, and Keelan spend way too much time talking about Hulk Hogan and not nearly enough time talking about quivering jowls.

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BroCast #38: Can A G-Force End The Streak?

When Carmine and Sam are left all by their lonesome, it’s bound to be one hell of a BroCast.

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BroCast #37: Please Don’t Have Sex With Facebook

Have you ever wanted to listen to Carmine, Sam, and Andy yelling for 4 straight hours? No? Well then…sorry.


BroCast #36: I Got Shot Nine Times in My Dress

Sam takes over this week with Andy and Keelan, where they discuss girls exploding into urine, questionable lucid dreams, and Gabe’s inspirational tale.

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