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BroCast #80: You Look Like Linda Evangelista

Sam BrooksMay 9th, 2017BroCast1 Comment »

This week on the Sam and Carmine show… Carmine has a new car. But why is it part of a meme? Sam reveals all… in addition, they talk about why it’s so cool to hate things now, Sam’s newest obsession with drag queens, various wrestling news (like Great Balls of Fire), and Carmine’s experience at an NXT house show!


Hey! You! Got any ideas for segments we can do that involve you, the listener? With Aunt Agony Andy rarely happening nowadays, we wanna try and expand our operations. Let your voice be known, send us an email @, with the subject line “NEW SEGMENT”!

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  • JSN

    Hey guys another great bro cast. Keep up the good work. Now when it comes to Bruce Banner and the Hulk and how in control and calm Bruce is when he is “Hulked” out, there is one potential way Marvel can explain the calm Hulk in Thor Ragnarok. I don’t know if you guys are aware of this or not, but in some Marvel story lines and at least one of the animated Avengers television series the Hulk is sort of a separate intelligent entity/personality that inhabits the same body as Bruce Banner. During an episode of the aforementioned Avengers series, some innocent people are about to be killed by some random Marvel villains and Bruce makes a deal with the Hulk that if he saves these people he’ll let the Hulk take over their body permanently. So maybe the producers of this film and Marvel could squeeze this little plot point into the movie. What do you guys think?

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