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BroCast #79: Abstract Thoughts We Could Only Hope To Achieve

Carmine AntonelliApril 10th, 2017BroCast2 Comments »

Sam and Carmine are back to discuss old candy commercials, Carmine’s horrible weekend, tiny dictators, and much more!

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  • JSN

    Another good episode guys. Hopefully Andy returns by the next Bro Cast because you guys need a comedic relief character. Now I know I should post the following question in the comments of a regular episode, but have any of you guys seen the dark match footage from this past Monday’s Raw? Because Seth Rollins had a dark match and unveiled a new finisher that’s sort of a fusion between a Rainmaker and a high knee. Basically Seth pulls his opponent in and then throws them outward like Okada when he’s about to hit the Rainmaker but instead of hitting them with a stiff clothesline when he pulls them back towards him, Seth hits his opponent with a high knee. What do you guys think of this new finisher for Seth?

    • The Suplah

      I, personally, love it. I thought that he would debut a new finisher during his Triple H feud, but better late than never. Hopefully it makes it to TV one day, otherwise we’re stuck with at least 4 people doing Pedigrees now haha -Sam

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