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BroCast #59: The Good Ship Sink

Carmine AntonelliMarch 21st, 2016BroCast1 Comment »

Here ye, Here ye! Sound the horns and buckle up, because Sam, Carmine, and Andy are about to take you on another BroCast adventure!

Due to some recording difficulties, the show ends mid conversation. Unfortunately there was nothing that could have been done about it this week, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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  • JSN

    Another great episode guys. It’s a shame the BroCast is experiencing so many technical difficulties because it’s one of my favorite podcasts along with the Super Best Friendcast. I just want to clarify something. When I wrote my comment on episode 58 I made an error when I listed my favorite Power Rangers openers. When I said Lost in Space I actually meant Power Rangers in Space. I guess at the time I was thinking of both Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers in Space. I sort of confused them with each other since both take place in space. Keep up the great work guys and hopefully the BroCast can move forward without anymore technical mishaps.

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