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BroCast #58: Shaun Of The Sheep

Carmine AntonelliMarch 7th, 2016BroCast1 Comment »

In a show full of Power Rangers, Fair Use, and fake singing discussion, we have Carmine, Sam, and Andy to keep us entertained for…4 hours!?

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  • JSN

    Another amazing brocast guys! Keep up the great work. Oh man all this power rangers talk is bringing back old childhood memories. I believe I have watched every single power rangers series up to power rangers ninja storm and after that I kind of lost interest. If I had to rate my favorite openings to each series they would be power rangers lost in space, power rangers ninja storm, and finally power rangers spd. Fun/sad fact: the actor who played the red wild force ranger and one of the villains in power rangers samurai, Jason Medina, was recently put on trail and convicted of I think second degree murder after he stabbed his roommate in the stomach with an actual samurai sword. One last thing before I go: Sam you should really check out the One Punch Man anime it is absolutely everything Carmine described it as and so much more. If anything go look up the opening to the anime. This opening is absolutely, mind-blowingly, fantastic. Afterwards try to pick up the One Punch Man manga because it is a crazy good manga. So there I said my piece. Keep up with the awesome content guys!

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