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FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

Remember this from 2002?


#GiveDivasACreativeDirection, Not Just a Chance

What is truly missing from the Divas division?


Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/30/15)

  Quick Results: Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) & The Lucha Dragons def. Cesaro & Kidd & The Ascension Damien Mizdow def….

WM 31

WrestleMania 31 Predictions – What Would Carmine Do?

Carmine explains what he would like to see happen at WrestleMania 31.

Lesnar Reigns

WrestleMania 31 Predictions

Liam Dunne looks at what could be in store for us this Sunday!


Triple H Is The Best Character In Wrestling

After watching “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”, Liam Dunne thinks Max Landis has a point…


Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/16/15)

Highlights from Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/16/15).


Full Monday Night Raw Results (3/9/15)

For those who missed the build to WrestleMania last night, worry not; here’s a recap of all the important moments from Monday Night Raw.

Liam 5

Is WWE Immortals Better Than 2K15?

Liam Dunne looks into WWE’s video game past and how it’s lead to one of their better games.


Seth Rollins Nude Photo Leaks: A Timeline

Seth Rollins has been involved in a nude photo leak, exposing intimate details about his personal life, and potentially leaving a dent in his WWE career.


Should “The Gay Wrestler” Gimmick Return?

Is Kalisto getting a “gay hair stylist” gimmick? Should there even be a “gay gimmick” in wrestling today?

TNA Give The Von Erich Brothers Another Shot

Ross and Marshall Von Erich are returning to TNA in February with their Hall of Fame father Kevin.

bryan sad

Is Bryan Vs Ziggler a Slap In the Face?

WWE is currently rumoring that Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler will open Wrestlemania 31. Is this insulting?


The Roman Reigns Problem

What exactly is The Roman Reigns problem? He’s the next top guy, but everyone hates him. Let’s see why he’s not “looking strong” right now.

16026 - Roman_Reigns commercial royal_rumble wwe

The Curse Of The Royal Rumble

Liam Dunne looks in depth as to why the Rumble has lost its excitement and where it all went wrong…


The Slammy Awards (RAW REVIEW)

Slammy Awards! This means predictability, questionable wins, and pointless endeavors! Also, Seth Green.

Voting Booth 2nd Draft

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The Hit and Miss Composing of CFO$: The State of WWE’s Entrance Themes

Sam Brooks looks at the WWE’s theme music landscape, as headed by CFO$, whilst Jim Johnston winds down his input.

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