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WWE Raw superstar Kurt Angle (1996 Olympic Gold Medalist)

The History Of WWE & Kurt Angle

Whilst WWE and Kurt Angle have ruled out a return for the Olympian, fans are still desperate to see him. What went wrong between the two parties?

Quanns-Corner THUMB copy

Quann’s Corner: Brand Extension (Spilt)

Andy Quann talks about the brand extension that will envelop WWE in July – where would he put various superstars and championships?


UPDATE: Jerry Lawler Arrested & Indefinitely Suspended from WWE

Jerry Lawler and fiancee, Lauryn McBride, arrested over domestic dispute and violent attacks; Lawler suspended from WWE indefinitely – more details here…


Money In The Bank Trivia & Facts

Get all clued up before heading into next Sunday’s Money In The Bank show!


The Reasoning Behind The Brand Split

Recent reports are indicating that the USA Networks executives aren’t happy with the ratings, and pushed for a Brand Split


Adam Rose Arrested for Domestic Violence; The End Has Come

Adam Rose was arrested and charged with Tampering With a Witness and Battery Domestic Violence earlier today: have we seen the end of Adam Rose in the WWE?

Quanns-Corner THUMB copy

Quann’s Corner: This Is Not a “New Era” in WWE

From Roman Reigns going over each and every fan favourite, to recreating old finishes, Quann argues that this “New Era” of WWE is non-existent.

Quanns-Corner THUMB copy

Quann’s Corner: Dixie, You Have a Choice!

TNA has been evicted from their office, and their rerun slot on POP TV has been cancelled… but will it finally die after so long? Andy Quann speculates.


When Shit Hits The Fan, Am I Still a Fan?

I’d consider myself a wrestling fan. Kinda…sorta…it’s complicated. I’ve watched some form of wrestling and played the videogames my entire life so, I guess I’m a fan. Why don’t I feel…

52 wwe

3 Major Problems With The WWE Network

Now that I’ve personally spent some time with it, I feel like I have to say my piece.

sad vince

A Letter to the WWE: I’m Not Watching WrestleMania 32

“Dear Vince McMahon and WWE, I will not be watching WrestleMania 32, and here’s why. Sincerely, an angry wrestling fan.” – find out what Carmine’s got to say about WWE right here.

Quanns-Corner THUMB copy

Quann’s Corner: My Own Promotion (And what’s wrong with Wrestling)

In the first edition of Quann’s Corner, Andy talks us through his grand ideas on how he’d run a wrestling promotion, and what’s wrong with WWE today.

cena 2

The History Of John Cena At WrestleMania

For the first time in 12 years, WWE will be holding a WrestleMania event without the face of their company, John Cena, on the cards…


WhatCulture’s “McMahon’s Overreactions”

How did The Suplah have a hand in WhatCulture’s newest Vince McMahon video?


House Shows Or TV Shows; Which Is Better?

Two very different types of shows produced by wrestling companies worldwide. But which is better?


BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement

Daniel Bryan has officially announced his retirement from in-ring competition on Twitter; what does this mean for the company going forward?

styles tna

AJ Styles’ TNA Theme: Reviewed

Liam and Andy listen back to AJ Style’s most famous TNA theme, and give their thoughts on it a few years later…


The Suplah Main-Evented RAW! (1/26/16)

Yep, we got a higher spot than The Rock… never thought we’d say that.


LIVE AT NXT (December 14th 2015, Nottingham UK)

On December 14th 2015, Liam, Andy and Keelan met up in Nottingham for a night of NXT action, including bad trips down memory lane, chicken wings and sore throats…


Should We Chant “Boring” During Matches?

Liam Dunne would like to sit down with each wrestling fan out there, and have a short chat about why they are being dicks…


WCW’s Best Factions (And Why They Did it Right)

Glen Fielding takes a look at the famous WCW factions, and why they’re worth remembering over the classic nWo groups.



Liam Dunne returns to The Suplah to look at the day Kane got unmasked.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy Wins the TNA World Title (Yay?)

Matt Hardy is your new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, after defeating EC3 and Drew Galloway. Is this a good thing, or is TNA further doomed? Find out here.


The Problem with Old Time Stars

Glen returns to talk about the serious situation regarding the older veterans, such as Sting and Undertaker performing for WWE.

rvd dreamer

FORGOTTEN CLASSICS: Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

We continue Title For Title season on Forgotten Classics as the Intercontinental Title and Hardcore Title get unified!

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