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Conor McGregor Fires Shots at WWE; Stars Respond

Sam BrooksAugust 8th, 2016Blog, News3 Comments »

UFC Performer Criticises WWE Athletes in Interview

Well, we’re here again; Conor McGregor and WWE have added another chapter to their history.

This time, we’re moving on from the speculation that he would go to the ‘E after his loss to Nate Diaz earlier this year, to a more a venomous affair, with McGregor saying that he’d “slap the head off [the] entire roster. And twice on Sunday’s”. After his remarks, the WWE performers decided to further this online feud, by firing back some shots of their own.

Some of the highlights include fan-favourite Roman Reigns, responding to McGregor with; “Your the size of my leg. Shut up.” Being the man that he is, Reigns proceeded to correct himself in a following tweet, calling out the “grammar geeks” for their criticism. Popcorn tastes great.

Fellow Irishman Sheamus tweeted out; “Never show a Jack Russell a mirror. It thinks it’s a majestic Irish Wolfhound. Really, just an annoying wee yapper trying to sell tickets” – I think this is where we need to take a break from this rollercoaster of emotions and address something very simple here; this is all for publicity. None of this is real. If anything, it’s a “work”, as they say.

Some might be thinking “well that’s obvious, Sam, you stupid idiot”, but cast your minds back to when Dana White incurred the wrath of millions when he blasted WWE on twitter for being “fake”. Everyone loves to get themselves involved in drama, especially behind the safety of a computer screen and keyboard, hence why 80% of the YouTube comments section are a warzone (not including the Suplah City comments section, which is the best comments section on YouTube).

That being said, it’s safe to say that the majority of UFC’s fanbase are being echoed through McGregor’s tweet here; they love to see their beloved MMA fighters rip into “that fake stuff”, only because if they don’t, then who else will, right? And surely enough, wrestling fans around the world find themselves constantly at war with the concept of “kayfabe” and “worked shoots”, so they deal damage back. Another example of this being the ever-controversial Ric Flair.

Where Are We Going With This?

Good question. Well, it’s all up to you. Do you enjoy seeing Twitter-wars between UFC and WWE? Do you go so far as to contribute to these wars? Then in which case, they will continue to happen again, and again, and again, until we finally see Dana White and Vince McMahon in a Death Battle Showdown video. My own perspective, whilst overall meaningless, is that this is just a nice way of getting some publicity on a dude that had a lot of stock lost in his previous fight. How else is the man going to get one-up on his naysayers, if not by verbally jabbing his soap-opera competition? Furthermore, this gives McGregor exposure; some WWE fans might have found a new target to unleash their keystrokes upon, and potential UFC PPV buys.


All in all, I couldn’t care less about McGregor. If he’s a good fighter, then he’s a good fighter; he proves it in the octagon with each encounter he has where he comes out on top. However, for him to have lost his previous fight after going in with the odds on his side, he needs a way to get back on top in the eyes of the people. If this is how he decides to do it, and loses some potential friends along the way (assuming the wrestlers also know this is all a play to the public) then that’s for him to decide. Either way, don’t count on actually seeing him “slap the heads off” of John Cena and the like.

What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor vs WWE? Comment below!

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  • JSN

    Is it just me or does it seem kind of suspicious/coincidental that Conor McGregor has the same hair style as Finn Balor, the same facial hair style as Finn Balor, and if you look at the tattoo on McGregor’s chest from a distance and at a certain angle it looks like something Finn Balor would paint on his chest for one of his demon entrances. The only thing missing is for McGregor to make an entrance at a UFC/MMA event wearing a leather jacket with McGregor Club worldwide on the back and you would basically have a Finn Balor doppelganger in UFC.

    • Sam Brooks

      Now that this has been said, I’ll have to look twice before I see either of them lol

      • JSN

        Not only do they seem to share physical similarities, but from what I understand McGregor is a great trash talker with a lot of charisma and Finn Balor cut some of his best promos when he worked as a heel in the Bullet Club. Both men seem to share the same personality as well. So there’s only two explanations for this: 1. One of these men is committing gimmick infringement and is modeling themselves after the other or 2. Conor McGregor is a closet Finn Balor fan but doesn’t want to publicly admit it.

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