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What is The Suplah?

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What is The Suplah?

The Suplah is a weekly wrestling news show, with occasional Let’s Plays, and infinite amounts of insanity – by annoyed fans, for annoyed fans. Here we discuss the news and rumours from the dirt sheets, and review a various WWE and TNA events, usually every Thursday.

What shows do The Suplah broadcast?

Alongside the main news show, and smaller shows such as Off the Air, the Editorial, and The Suplah Brawl, we also have Suplah Gaming! Launched in 2016, Suplah Gaming is exactly what you think it is; the hosts coming together for Let’s Plays of numerous video games.

Exclusively on the website, we have The Suplah BroCast – here the hosts come together and talk about their weeks, news headlines, play some improv games, and read letters from the Suplah City citizens. More often than not, the show is a hours of unfiltered nonsense, entertaining to those who have become fans of the hosts themselves.

Suplah Raw Sign                                 Our first fan-sign on Monday Night Raw!

Where else can I find The Suplah?

Our primary location is right here on, and on our YouTube channel – we also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram account – all of our social media links can be found at the top right of our homepage.

In a separate endeavour from the wrestling shows we produce, we have our own gaming channel, where the hosts come together and play a wide variety of video games each week, streaming for the fans and later editing the results.

In addition to this, we have our own merchandise store! If you ever wanted a t-shirt, sticker, or anything with one of our many catchphrases on it, then jump at the chance to own it now!

Across Suplah City         A shout-out from The Mark Remark’s LittleKuriboh and Xthedarkone!

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